Jeff Nelson

Jeff Nelson

Posted December 1, 2009

Published in Animals

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Land O Lakes Strikes Back at VegSource

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Our film, PROCESSED PEOPLE, has been a much bigger success than we ever imagined, reaching well outside of the veggie community and impacting the health of tens of thousands in a postive way. The film features top MDs and experts discussing the role that diet plays in the many dengenerative diseases like heart disease, cancer, arthritis, obesity and so forth.

As part of our promotion of the film, we've excerpted small portions and put them up on YouTube.

One such excerpt comes from the Extended Interviews of the film, and features John Robbins talking about factory farming, and the heartbreaking conditions that animals must endure.

If you haven't seen it, it's a short two and a half minute piece which you can view here:



processed_dvd2.gifApparently an assistant professor in Agriculture at the University of Iowa decided to show the above clip to a classroom of 250 college students.

One of the students in the class -- is the daughter of a major pig farmer, who is part of the Land O' Lakes business.  This is a young lady who knows which side her bread is buttered on, because after viewing these sad scenes of animal mistreatment, she was swiftly pressed into action to -- what?  Why to express indignation that a teacher would expose students to the tragic situation in many factory farms.

She demanded to be able to present a rebuttal to the short clip featuing Robbins, and Land O' Lakes apparently assisted and provided her with a 20-minute talk and powerpoint to present to the students.

You can read the article about the student's presentation as written about by the Land O' Lakes PR firm, which falsely claims our film was made by PETA!

PETA, of course, had nothing to do with the film, and we're not an animal rights group, as they repeatedly assert in their article.

Given that the Land O' Lakes article is replete with lies, you can assume most of the rest in there is probably a lie, too. Here's the Land O' Lakes article:

The story was also picked up by the local newspaper, which did its own hit job on the assistant professor, see:

Hey, how DARE someone come into an Agriculture class in Iowa and pose questions about animal welfare! The meat industry isn't going to sit back and let that happen.

To learn more about our documentary, Processed People, which caused the ruckus in the first place, click here.