Jeff Nelson

Jeff Nelson

Posted February 23, 2010

Published in Animals

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Do Humans Have Rights?

Read More: animals, ethics, stargate

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For those of you with Netflix, you know what a pleasure it is to discover hidden treasures you may have missed.

Recently we started watching old episodes of Stargate SG-1.  This is a sci-fi show about humans who travel to other planets through a "star gate" system. 

The bad guys in this series are a race called the Goa'uld. The Goa'uld are a parasitic creature that requires a host in order to live.

The Goa'uld feel they are superior to everyone else in the galaxy and have no problem using humans for their purposes.

Who does this sound like?

It was rather interesting to find some deep, ethical, philosophical issues being discussed on an old science fiction TV show.

Watch the segment below, which is a trial where the Goa'uld representatives gives the argument why it's acceptable for the Goa'uld to use humans as they do. The human host victim is answering questions, and two humans are defending him, and trying to answer the Goa'uld's argument.

I don't want to give too much away. Watch this clip and tell us what you think.