Jeff Nelson

Jeff Nelson

Posted November 23, 2010

Published in Health

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How some doctors make money

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Let's face it, health care in the US is about selling drugs and making big profits for the health care industry.

It's not about getting people information to save their lives or protect their health.

It's about getting doctors to write prescriptions and get payoffs.

Here is a practice that, in a world where health care actually meant "caring for people," this would be banned.

There are services in Hollywood for casting agents and producers to try to find actors to audition for TV, movies and commercials.

Someone who regularly receive these casting notices sent me this jewel this morning. 

Here's what the American health care system is looking for today:

- - - - -


- - - - -

This is what American "health care" is about -- hiring doctors to shill for drug companies.

How can you trust a doctor who is being paid tens of thousands of dollars by a pharmaceutical company to hawk their products?

Where is the disclaimer on the ad, "I was paid to sell you this?"

When you go into the American system of medicine, you are inside of a profit machine, and little else.


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You couldn't of hit the nail on the head better Jeff with this post. Working in the medical community myself I see all the time how Big Pharma throws money at medical professionals in terms of speaking engagements, lunch programs, and other giveaways.

They also largely control what is advertised on tv, radio, and magazines while lobbying government officials to suppress the health benefits of basic lifestyle medicine which include a plant-based diet, exercise, stress management, and more. So the general public is left with an elusion that a pill or surgery can "fix" everything because that's not only what their doctor says but that's what tv said. Meanwhile we're getting bigger and sicker by the day in the U.S. So how's that working for us America?

When I go around and speak of the benefits of non-pharmacological or the "crazy natural" treatment options that have been proven much more efficacious not to mention safe I often get met with resistance. But I keep at it and also practice what I preach. Those that I work closely with in the hospital and also my family and friends tend to come around after awhile. There is hope. We just need to keep up the good work and let others know we really do care about them and their health.


Thanks for posting this, it needs to be exposed.


This is where nurse practitioners can make a big difference, but still not mainstream....don't make enough money for a practice if people really followed diet and exercise as first line treatment? People don't want to hear the message? Probably a bit of both.

Primary prevention is the key and yet we'd rather be a sick nation and "fix" what happens, rather than prevent illness in the first place. Sometimes I can only shake my head and wonder why...

Thanks for posting this.


Yes, Lori, it's's cuz there's big money in treatment. And because that's all they're taught. The doctors that DO teach nutrition had to break away from the conventional mold...


So called "diseases management" by insurance companies is all about keeping the patient alive, but still sick. That way he/she is a permanent income stream but does not ever actually recover. No one in the medical system - doctors, hospitals, pharmacy companies, med equipment makers, insurance companies, etc. - has a financial stake in getting people truly healthy, quite the opposite.

Yet not to be too cynical, there are many well-intentioned, caring people in the system who WANT their patients to get healthy, who want to save lives. They are just blind to the real way to do that - a whole foods, plant-based diet. The real facts are never presented to them and, if every brought up, are attacked and marginalized. No wonder our system is such a mess. People need to take their health into their own hands. VegSource helps people to do that.

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