Jeff Nelson

Jeff Nelson

Posted May 19, 2010

Published in Animals

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Drink beer, shoot animals, dump 'em at a shelter, call it "charity"

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Ready, aim fire: bear, wild pig, deer, elk and sheep. That's what on the menu this week at the LA Union Rescue Mission.

Why?  Because a yahoo hunter group loaded up their pickups with bullets and beer, filled their gas tanks, and sped off for a day or two to see what they could shoot, and then dumped it at a homeless mission to make bear meat tacos.

Was it a publicity stunt?  According to this LA Times article:

Welsh's son, Eric, who helped solicit donations on his website,, said he picked up most of the donations himself, crisscrossing California and Arizona in his 1996 Tacoma pickup.

He hoped the event would change people's perceptions of hunters

"We don't just mow a whole bunch of animals down and then drink 20 beers on the way home," he said. Hunters, he said, care about animals and don't want any meat to go to waste.

Oh yeah, they care about animals so much, that they kill and then eat them, and drop off carcasses for the po' folk.

It seems a little shameful to me that the Mission would go along with this. Who is benefitting? The people they feed this terrible food to? Or the beer guzzling killers seeking PR for their sick hobby?

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