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Blog Entries by Jeff Nelson

How to tell if someone has had a stroke -- before it's too late

Jeff Nelson | February 6, 11 at 04:14 PM | Health

Read More: prevention, signs, stroke

This is from one of those widely-circulated emails, you may have already seen it, but it's valuable (and accurate) information. We've probably all heard something like this -- during a BBQ, Jane stumbled and took a little fall.  The hosts...

How some doctors make money

Jeff Nelson | November 23, 10 at 09:05 AM | Health

Let's face it, health care in the US is about selling drugs and making big profits for the health care industry. It's not about getting people information to save their lives or protect their health. It's about getting doctors to...

Drink beer, shoot animals, dump 'em at a shelter, call it "charity"

Jeff Nelson | May 19, 10 at 09:29 AM | Animals

Read More: earthsave, hunters, meals for health

Ready, aim fire: bear, wild pig, deer, elk and sheep. That's what on the menu this week at the LA Union Rescue Mission. Why?  Because a yahoo hunter group loaded up their pickups with bullets and beer, filled their gas...

Nina & Randa Audition for GLEE

Jeff Nelson | April 14, 10 at 10:45 PM | Lifestyle

Read More: glee, nina nelson, randa nelson

TV show GLEE is a hit in millions of households across the U.S. -- including in our home! GLEE is running a nationwide search for a new cast member, inviting kids age 16 and up to submit a 1-minute interview...

Sunday Night at Disneyland

Jeff Nelson | March 1, 10 at 09:42 PM | Lifestyle

Read More: disneyland, lights

We have annual passes, we like to go to D-land sometimes on a Sunday afternoon, the crowds have subsided a little and you can have some fun. But this past Sunday, it was packed - cheerleader convention it looked like....

Do Humans Have Rights?

Jeff Nelson | February 23, 10 at 08:20 PM | Animals

Read More: animals, ethics, stargate

VIDEO BELOW... For those of you with Netflix, you know what a pleasure it is to discover hidden treasures you may have missed. Recently we started watching old episodes of Stargate SG-1.  This is a sci-fi show about humans who...

Adventures in Craigslist

Jeff Nelson | February 22, 10 at 04:13 AM | Lifestyle

Read More: Craigslist, Furniture, Shopping

In the past couple weeks Sabrina and I have been shopping for a lot of new furniture. We bought a bunch from a furniture store nearby, and ordered several items online. And we've been doing the CraigsList thing. is...

Backstage Photos from the Joffrey Ballet

Jeff Nelson | February 2, 10 at 07:22 PM | Lifestyle

Read More: ballet, joffrey, nelson, nina, randa, willie

In my last entry, I explained how our three kids were lucky enough to be selected to perform in the Joffrey Ballet's production of CINDERELLA at the Music Center in downtown Los Angeles last weekend. I took my camera with...

Nina, Randa & Willie Nelson a Hit in Joffrey's CINDERELLA

Jeff Nelson | January 30, 10 at 09:39 AM | Lifestyle

Read More: ballet, dance, nelson, nina, randa, willie

If you're a longtime VegSourcer, you probably know that our twin daughters, Nina and Miranda, are lifelong dancers who particularly love ballet.  They are currently studying in a conservatory in Hollywood, where they drive an hour each way daily to...

Mac-No-Cheese for 2010

Jeff Nelson | January 2, 10 at 10:07 PM | Food

Read More: engine 2, rip esselstyn

Look at what my daughters made for lunch today! Two heeping casserole dishes of Rip Esselstyn's Macaroni No Cheese recipe, from his book, THE ENGINE 2 DIET.   Click on photo to enlarge picture of my beautiful 16-year-old daughter, Randa,...

Time for ballet at our house

Jeff Nelson | December 3, 09 at 10:56 PM | Lifestyle

Read More: ballet, dance, fun, nina, randa

This is the time of year our twin daughters dance in The Nutcracker. Right now they've been learning steps and rehearsing. This is what the past few nights has looked like. Come this weekend (December 12 & 13) and see...

Land O Lakes Strikes Back at VegSource

Jeff Nelson | December 1, 09 at 09:05 PM | Animals

Read More: john robbins, land o lakes, Land O' Lakes: Dinner Tonight, processed people

Our film, PROCESSED PEOPLE, has been a much bigger success than we ever imagined, reaching well outside of the veggie community and impacting the health of tens of thousands in a postive way. The film features top MDs and experts...

Supplements Nix Exercise Benefits

Jeff Nelson | December 1, 09 at 03:04 PM | Health

Read More: exercise, pills, supplements

Antioxidant Pills Block Metabolic Improvements Walk into any commercial supplement store and you'll find shelves of product aimed specifically at body-builders and other athletes.Among them: antioxidant supplements that promise to neutralize the free radicals generated by strenuous exercise.Unfortunately, if you...

Billy Mays - The Auto-tune Infomercial Ballad

Jeff Nelson | November 24, 09 at 01:58 PM | Video

Read More: billy mays, fun

There is this great software called Auto-tune that allows you to take someone's voice and control the timing and pitch, and turn their talking into singing. This very talented guy makes videos featuring scientists like Carl Sagan, and turnss some...

Dracula and The Children

Jeff Nelson | November 23, 09 at 12:49 PM | Lifestyle

Read More: dracula, jeff nelson

What's a blog for, if not to talk about what you're doing. Our son is in a middle school production of Dracula -- a comedy -- in a few weekends. I was asked to make a little promo by the...

What's Wrong with this Picture?

Jeff Nelson | November 13, 09 at 07:30 PM | Food

Read More: LA Times, salmonella

Front of the Los Angeles Times website there is currently a story entitled Food-borne pathogens carry devastating long-term effects. It's about salmonella and how it's introduced into foods from animals. The article is here. So what would you expect the...

Is Big Biz Freaking Out That People Are Going Veg?

Jeff Nelson | November 7, 09 at 05:34 PM | Food, Health

Read More: ada, american dietetic association, jeff nelson, los angeles times

There is a lot in the media these days about why it's important that people reject meat and dairy for the obvious reasons.  Some examples: WorldWatch releases a report that over 50% of global warming is due to eating animals...

Disneyland: A Study in Light

Jeff Nelson | November 6, 09 at 11:52 PM | Lifestyle

Read More: disneyland, jeff nelson

Sunday night in Disneyland, and there's light everywhere you look!            ...

You've Changed! And so has VegSource

Jeff Nelson | November 5, 09 at 12:39 PM | Health

Read More: jeff nelson, redesign

Welcome to the new and improved -- VegSource 2.0...! Pardon our dust, we're in Phase One of our redesign with a lot yet to do. Look around, you'll see that articles are being sorted into new categories -- though only...