Janice Stanger, PhD

Janice Stanger, PhD

Posted April 11, 2015

Published in Animals

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The Ultimate Betrayal Investigates Happy Meat

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Hope Bohanec Exposes the Reality Behind Feel-Good Meat Labels

Is there any way in which "humane" meat, dairy, or eggs are better - for human health, the environment, or animals? In The Ultimate Betrayal, Hope Bohanec takes on this question. She presents surprising information that may shock consumers confused by myriad industry labels, such as "sustainable," "local," "natural," "free-range," "grass-fed," "cage-free," and "organic."

The Ultimate Betrayal convincingly shows that feel-good buzzwords in animal agriculture are ploys to part consumers Hope happy meat book smaller.jpgand their money. These terms also encourage those who desperately want to spare animal suffering and help the planet feel guiltless when they buy animal foods.

The hard-hitting research in this book leaves no wiggle-room for the happy meat industry. Contrasting factory farms and their advertised humane alternatives, Hope demonstrates far more similarities than differences. She bases her conclusions on interviews, visits to both alternative farm animal businesses and animal sanctuaries, and a wealth of published research. While the book is rich with facts, it is also highly readable journalism.

For example, if all farmed animals were raised genuinely free-range, it would take close to five planet earths to supply them all with food and water. Grass-fed beef can produce 50 to 60% more greenhouse gas emissions then the same number of cows fed on grain. Hope peppers her book with such compelling facts. Her concern and compassion for animals bring the facts to life, as she presents the ethical reasons to not kill farmed animals, however they were raised.

I called Hope to learn more about her experiences as a vegan and an author.

Click here to read the interview with Hope and learn more about "happy meat"