Janice Stanger, PhD

Janice Stanger, PhD

Posted September 13, 2015

Published in Food

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The Journey to Plant-Based Health Just Got Easier

Read More: Lani Muelrath, The Plant-Based Journey

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Lani Muelrath Guides You on a Well-Lit Path to Plant-Based Success

You've heard the success stories, seen the before-and-after pictures of what a whole foods, plant-based diet can accomplish for your health, appearance, and budget. Perhaps you set out to achieve those rewards for yourself, but got sidetracked wandering around the supermarket with an empty cart, with no idea what to buy for dinner. Or you got a stomach ache from an abrupt change in your habits and decided that plant-based was not for you. Maybe your interest Lani ThePlant-BasedJourney_FrontCover to use edited.jpgin healthier choices simply got put on a future to-do list as you sped through one rushed day after another.

Now you don't have to figure out this lifestyle on your own. The Plant-Based Journey is an encouraging, practical, and highly readable trail map for turning your healthy intentions into reality. This book is rich with information, ideas, and simple, inexpensive, and yummy recipes.

Author Lani Muelrath is an experienced teacher and health coach. Her background gives her a unique, fresh perspective on the process of transitioning to a plant-based diet. Lani makes you feel safe - she respects your needs and daily realities, and does not try to talk you into doing anything you don't want to do. Instead, she builds your skills and self-confidence by showing you small steps that, one at a time, lead you to clarify and realize your own goals. She starts with familiar foods and meal plans to keep your taste buds happy as they transition to preferring whole plant foods.

The Plant-Based Journey describes five steps to happily adopting the healthiest diet:

  • Awakening
  • Scout
  • Rookie
  • Rockstar
  • Champion

Everyone who transitions to a plant-based diet goes through these steps. The passage is eased once you understand that you are not the first person to wonder "what do I do when my boss is taking me to a steak house for a business meeting?" Every challenge has a workable solution, and Lani shows you how to figure these out. She looks at the passage to plant-based eating realistically, without downplaying questions that might come up.

One of my favorite tools in the book is Lani's recipe templates. These are simple enough for Rookies, although everyone will enjoy them. Her templates for whole grain breakfasts, savory vegetables, tasty sauces, bean spreads, color and crunch salads, plant burgers, and more ensure that you will never run out of convenient, easy meals that are customized to your own flavor preferences and offer plenty of variety.

I was glad to have a chance to talk with Lani and find out more about how she wrote this remarkable book. I wondered about her own journey to becoming a health coach.

Click here to read the rest of the interview with Lani and link to her chili and corn bread recipes