Janice Stanger, PhD

Janice Stanger, PhD

Posted December 14, 2011

Published in Food

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Ten Ways Mint Helps You Thrive

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Enjoy the Refreshing Herb Mint During the Holidays – And Year Round

You may think of mint as a common herb that you casually use for its flavor and aroma. Minty candy canes symbolize the winter holiday season. Iced mint tea is refreshing in the summer heat.

People around the world cultivate mint or enjoy leaves from the plant growing mint on rasberries smaller.jpgwild. There are about 100 varieties of plants in the mint family. This herb is hardy and may even take over your garden if you start a small patch without containing the roots. .

When you understand how powerful and versatile mint is, you can use it deliberately to ward off disease and even speed recovery from illness. Here are ten great things that mint can do for your health and satisfaction.

ONE. Numerous phytochemicals in mint are powerful anti-oxidants that obliterate the free radicals that menace your cells. Damaged cells can then lead to malfunctioning organ systems. Mint is effective in interrupting this process, thus staving off illness and perhaps even slowing the rate of aging.

TWO. Mint has a strong anti-inflammatory effect. Again this is related to the phytochemicals. Chronic inflammation is at the root of most chronic illness, so the action of mint to balance the inflammation that results from any threat to your body can be beneficial.

THREE. If you are looking for an ally to fight cancer, mint protects you cells from mutation and enhances the DNA repair process. In addition, peppermint oil is steam-distilled from mint leaves. This safe process avoids the toxic hexane used to extract most vegetable oils. So mint oil does not pollute you or the environment with cancer-causing chemicals.

FOUR. Mint helps prevent infections of many types. Researchers have demonstrated mint kills harmful bacteria, viruses, fungi, and yeast that want to set up residence in your body.

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