Janice Stanger, PhD

Janice Stanger, PhD

Posted May 28, 2012

Published in Health

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Six Hidden Dangers of Sunscreen You Must Know for Summer

Read More: Environmental Working Group, sunburns, sunscreen, whole food plant-based diets

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Can a Whole Foods, Plant-Based Diet Do What Sunscreen Can’t?

Life on earth evolved with the sun. Plants, the base of the food chain, harness solar power through photosynthesis in leaves. Animals live off the energy and nutrients in plants. Over billions of years, plants and animals have perfected their relationship with the sun. Living things have evolved safeguards to benefit from the sun without succumbing to its power.

Yet today, sunscreen manufacturers would have you believe that the sun is your enemy, a cancer promoter. Instead, you are supposed to trust the chemicals in sunscreen to safeguard your health. The fact that sunlight is free and sunscreen drained $687 million from our pockets in 2010 may cause you to ponder who to trust – nature or industry.

Here are six dangers of sunscreen you need to know for your summer sun strategy.

ONE. Used as directed, sunscreen shuts down your natural production of vitamin D. A thin sunscreen layer spares your ability to produce this vital substance, but also does not protect as well against sunburn. A 2012 article in the British Journal of Dermatology concludes “When the amount of sunscreen and SPF advised by the World Health Organization (WHO) is used, vitamin D production may be abolished. Re-evaluation of sun protection strategies could be warranted.”

TWO. Several UV filters used as sunscreen ingredients have an estrogenic effect on your body (that is, they have a biological effect similar to the hormone estrogen).

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