Janice Stanger, PhD

Janice Stanger, PhD

Posted July 30, 2011

Published in Health

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San'Dera Prude Finds a New Caramel Popcorn

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This Forks Over Knives Patient Shares Her Journey From Junk Food to Whole Food

The film Forks Over Knives colorfully illustrates critical nutritional facts about a whole foods, plant-based diet. This eating plan can help you reverse just aboutThumbnail image for San'Dera in gown_opt.jpg any chronic illness, from diabetes to heart disease and even cancer. Yet it’s the patients in the film who bring these facts to life and give the movie its emotional impact and power to change lives. Their stories leave you cheering.

San’Dera Prude’s warm smile, articulate sharing, and heartfelt honesty moved me each of the three times I’ve seen Forks Over Knives. I wanted to find out how she became part of the film and learn more about her current success. San’Dera spoke with me recently and generously shared more about how she achieved and continues her new healthy life. (Note: since Forks Over Knives was made, San’Dera has celebrated her marriage and has her new last name of Prude instead of Nation.)

Before she met Dr. Esselstyn, San’Dera’s diabetes and hypertension were fueled by fast food three times a day. She would grab a fast food breakfast if she was running late in the morning. At work, everyone was eating McDonald’s. At night on the way home, she was tired and often just picked up some chicken for dinner. Sweets such as cookies, cake, and pie were snacks.

I asked San’Dera what she thought at that time would have been a healthy diet. “Salads, baked meat or chicken, imitation butter, and wheat bread – not even whole wheat,” San’Dera recalls. Yet her eating choices fell short of even that standard.

San’Dera decided to go on the Weight Watchers program. She lost 30 pounds, but her diabetes was still not controlled. San’Dera found herself falling off Weight Watchers and dreading regaining all the pounds she worked so hard to shed.

Not knowing what else to do, San’Dera laid in bed and prayed for help. That same day,

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