Janice Stanger, PhD

Janice Stanger, PhD

Posted October 28, 2015

Published in Health

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Proteinaholic Wipes Out Protein Myths

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Dr. Garth Davis Shows That What You Don't Know About Protein May Be Killing You

The title of Proteinaholic captivated me, so I immersed myself in this book as soon as I could get hold of it. Proteinaholic lives up to its title, busting the dangerous myth that, when it comes to protein, more is better. This is a rich, multi-faceted book that effectively uses several strategies to document the hazards of high protein animal foods.

Proteinaholic paints the evidence-based nutritional picture in its glorious complexity. Yet even with all the science, the garth davis book cover smaller.jpgbook is marvelously written, easy to understand and a pleasure to read. Proteinaholic generates excitement by directly attacking the protein myth at the center of American nutrition, a position few are willing to take.

The author, Garth Davis, MD, shares his own story of deteriorating health and weight gain with high protein meals. He vividly describes his experience of "hitting bottom." This desperation, paradoxically, was a good thing - opening his mind to question the real effect of eating animal foods multiple times a day. Dr. Davis began to spend every spare moment researching scientific studies to find the hidden truth about nutrition and health.

Dr. Davis lets you know what healthy people around the world actually eat (hint: it's not animal foods) and what happens when they change their menu. He runs through what researchers have found on common medical conditions, including cancer, heart disease, and obesity. Descriptions of typical patient encounters and conversations liven the facts. Dr. Davis even guides you in how to evaluate research yourself, so you are not hoodwinked by shallow journalism and food industry distortions.

Dr. Davis shares several strategies to transform how you think about food

Click here to read more about Proteinaholic and the interview with Dr. Davis


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