Janice Stanger, PhD

Janice Stanger, PhD

Posted June 2, 2016

Published in Lifestyle

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Outstanding Muscle Building with Whole Plant Foods

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Jeff Morgan's Channel Shows Muscular Can Equal Healthy

The quest for athletic success often drives those who buy into the myth they need to eat enormous amounts of protein, whether it's from animal foods or supplements. Jeff Morgan, impressive fitness athlete and star of youtube channel Guilt Free Vegan, explodes that myth with his journey to extraordinary muscle growth and renewed health based on whole plant foods.

Guilt Free Vegan's videos are fun and inspiring. The episodes range from specific workouts for certain muscle groups to delicious and easy recipes, what Jeff and his kids eat in a typical day, to family fun together. Jeff's parents even share Jeff Morgan with pancakes smaller.jpghow their health soared and their meds got left behind after they became plant-based eaters.

Jeff is not a competitive body builder, but sees himself as a muscle building and fitness athlete who combines regular targeted workouts with a whole foods, plant-based diet to achieve his goals. He does not consume protein supplements or animal foods, and eats a wide variety of plant foods.

After enjoying many videos on his channel, I talked with Jeff to find out more about his eating choices, motivation, and success. Jeff's intense interests in athletics and in the performing arts began when he was twelve. He tried various career paths that best matched these twin goals, and as part of the process moved from California to Israel for a year in his early twenties. He switched home base from Israel to California and back again, then married and settled in Israel the last eight years.

Using frequent, strenuous workouts, Jeff felt healthy until he was in his early thirties. Then, he shared, health issues began nagging him.

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