Janice Stanger, PhD

Janice Stanger, PhD

Posted December 21, 2014

Published in Health

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My Three Most Surprising Blogs of 2014

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These Eye-Opening Articles Demolish Dangerous Nutrition Myths

When I began researching meatless eating in 1995, I thought I was knowledgeable about nutrition. After all, everything I had been told from middle school on, whether from teachers, doctors, or the media, agreed that animal foods were necessary for good health. Meat was the center of my lunches and dinners.

My two daughters, then ages 11 and 13, had just declared they would not eat meat. Fooled by constant bombardment girl surprised and dismayed smaller.jpgwith food myths, I began to frantically study how to keep the kids alive and healthy until they began to eat meat again.

As I dug into facts in medical journal articles, books by plant-based dietitians and doctors, and conferences with national experts, I was stunned. Astonished. Dismayed. Because what I was finding was that everything I'd learned about nutrition was wrong. The truth directly contradicted my lifetime of accepting routine "information" on healthy eating. At first I was resistant to new ideas - who wouldn't be?

But as my perception began to shift, I got hooked on nutrition research, and my pursuit of facts continues to this day. I authored The Perfect Formula Diet to let others know what I was discovering, and continue to share developing thinking and science with everyone I can with my ongoing blogs.

Science in 2014 did not disappoint, continuing to support whole foods, plant-based diets as the most important element in achieving glowing health, abundant energy, and vigorous longevity. So I continue to author articles to bust the animal-food myths that are destroying the health of unsuspecting people, not to mention the life-support systems of our planet.

Here are the three of my 2014 posts that should prove most surprising to anyone who has not yet questioned obsolete nutrition myths.

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