Janice Stanger, PhD

Janice Stanger, PhD

Posted August 14, 2010

Published in Animals

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Inner Peace: A Simple Choice

Read More: Animal Acres, inner peace, plant-based nutrition, whole foods

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Sanctuary Animals Give an Invaluable Gift

The early morning was cool as my daughter Angela, our friends Teagen, Rose, goat and Angie_small.jpgand Rachel, and I set out for the 164 mile drive to Animal Acres. I had long wanted to visit this sanctuary for rescued farmed animals, a bit north of Los Angeles. Finally, my friends set the date and invited me and Angie to be part of the adventure.

I was relaxed, looking forward to spending a cruelty-free day. In summer my favorite haunt is the beach, in search of the perfect body-surfing wave. Being carried by the ocean feels like being a piece of laundry in a washing machine.

The only drawback is the killing I see on the beach every time I'm there. People fish for the remnants of creatures left in the ocean now that humans have taken 90% of their species. Kids deliberately smash sand crabs in full view of their parents, or otherwise devastate these helpless creatures.

At Animal Acres, the well-being of animals is the main goal, so I knew I could relax. I was expecting

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