Janice Stanger, PhD

Janice Stanger, PhD

Posted August 18, 2013

Published in Health

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Five Reasons to Make Black Pepper a Favorite Spice

Read More: antioxidants, black pepper, cancer, piperine, spice, whole foods plant-based diet

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Black Pepper Sprinkles Unexpected Health Benefits and Pungent Taste

Sometimes you seek health by expensive, exotic means; you may fail to see the benefits right in front of you in everyday, low cost foods that you take for Black pepper 2 smaller.jpggranted. Such is the case with black pepper.

This common spice has long been a personal favorite. I rarely eat lunch or dinner without enjoying the mildly spicy, distinct taste and enticing aroma of freshly ground black pepper. Finally, I stopped and asked myself "What are the benefits of this food I eat multiple times a day?," heading to medical journals to see who else had asked this question and what they found out.

Black pepper, called "the king of spices," is one of the most popular seasonings in countries around the world. The peppercorns are dried fruits of a tropical vine that will not grow in more temperate climates. People have prized black pepper for thousands of years, giving it a prominent role in traditional medicine and trade as well as in cooking. For example, traditional healers used black pepper to aid digestion, soothe stomach problems, and treat sore throat, colds, asthma, itching, pain, and breathing and heart problems.


Recent research validates powerful health benefits of this everyday spice. While black pepper contains hundreds of chemicals that may enhance health, the alkaloid called piperine is the constituent that scientists have studied the most.

Researchers have documented an impressive list of general benefits both of piperine specifically and of black pepper as a whole food.

Read on for the rest of the story on the surprising benefits of black pepper