Janice Stanger, PhD

Janice Stanger, PhD

Posted November 27, 2016

Published in Animals

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Eating Animals: Myths and Realities

Read More: Farm to Fable, Robert Grillo

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In Farm to Fable, Robert Grillo Uncovers Dangerous Marketing Fantasies

Farm to Fable is an eye-opening book that answers the question: Why do people in modern societies eat animals, when it is not necessary for (in fact is harmful to) our health and survival? Author Robert Grillo shows that a series of manipulative fictions keep animals on our collective plates. His insider's perspective as a marketing consultant (including former work on Happy Meal boxes) is the ideal basis for his careful research and insightful analysis. His book continues the powerful work on his extensive site Free From Harm.

I was happy to talk with Robert, and my most pressing question was how people who choose to eat meat react when theRobt Grillo Farm-To-Fable_cover-tilt-shadow-smaller.jpganimal food industry fictions are so starkly exposed. He has gotten these feelings from his readers.

"They're taken by how many deeply entrenched fictions there are. The facts are stunning, and make them think of other ways society gets us to accept things that are otherwise deplorable. They are ready to get involved, and take steps to change their diet. For the general public, my hope is that the book will prompt them to question what appears to be "normal" in their everyday lives. I hope that they might better see how we are being manipulated to make food choices that ultimately betray our core values of kindness, reciprocity, and decency."

Robert shared that the book is rooted in knowing that choices are tied to beliefs, and beliefs can be transformed by powerful truths. "We must first identify and expose the fictions of animal consumption to then disempower them. The change we want to see requires that we disempower theses fictions through a massive grassroots, public education campaign which in turn will disempower the animal exploitation industries."


Farm to Fable is articulate, carrying you along with the power of its insights. This is powerful, memorable writing, with Robert in complete mastery of both his subject and his words. There is no need for hype or manipulation, because the bare facts are enough. The book flows through deeply entrenched animal foods fantasies with gathering momentum and force.

For example, one of the several foundational fictions of the animal foods industry is consent.

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