Janice Stanger, PhD

Janice Stanger, PhD

Posted January 12, 2014

Published in Food

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Cold-Fighting Soup Helps Keep Winter Illness Away

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This Soup Recipe Is Thick With Lightly Cooked Vegetables

In winter you may find yourself near people who are coughing and sniffling. You don't want to be next. Or maybe you're already fighting a nasty cold yourself or, even worse, in bed with achy flu. Is there a soup that can enhance your odds against the viruses that cause such misery, that may boost to your own immune system and quell symptoms if you're infected?soup cold season 3 smaller.jpg

Lucky for you, research indicates a yes answer. You might have heard the urban legend that chicken soup is the best soup for a cold. Scientists actually did a study on this. Their data indicated it was actually lightly cooked vegetables in their soup, not chicken, that gave their preparation anti-inflammatory power to reduce the unpleasant symptoms of a cold. Read my post, What Kind of Soup Is Best for Colds, for a rundown of this research.

Adding mushrooms to your vegetable soup can power up your immune system even more. My post, How To Make the Best Soup for a Cold Even More Powerful, lists some of the published studies that indicate mushrooms can help ward off illness from colds to breast cancer to gingivitis.

While vegetable soup recipes abound, many advise cooking the vegetables longer than I prefer. So I created this hearty plant-based chowder with immune-boosting mushrooms, thick with your own favorite vegetables, and appetite-busting potatoes for chilly winter days.

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