Janice Stanger, PhD

Janice Stanger, PhD

Posted October 22, 2011

Published in Lifestyle

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A Place Where It's Normal To Dump Sand In Your Engine

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The Land of Sandy Autos: A Fable

People in the Land of Sandy Autos (LSA) start each morning taking care of their cars. The usual routine, which 99% of men and women embrace, is to mix a auto repair_opt.jpgteaspoon of sand into a car’s fluids.

Each person has their own opinion of the best method to use, and the media buzz with experts. Some pour the sand directly into engine oil. Others swear it’s better to put the sand into the fuel tank, the brake fluid, transmission fluid, or some other target. A common strategy is to vary each day where to put the sand.

Car repair costs in LSA are out-of-control, increasing at a rate far higher than salary increases. As you are reading this, car repair absorbs fully 17% of the Gross Domestic Product in LSA. The country’s infrastructure is crumbling, schools are going downhill, and homeless people shiver on the streets. LSA cannot effectively address any of these problems because one in six dollars has to be spent on auto repair.

In fact, auto repair is an entrenched industry, the only growth area in a bleak economy. Massive car hospitals revive the sickest vehicles. College students compete for spots in mechanics training institutes, knowing they have a secure future in that career. Auto parts makers thrive. Car scientists invent ever more sophisticated fluid additives to keep the cars running longer with their sandy engines and gas tanks.

A few dissenters try to get their neighbors to wake up. “Just don’t dump sand into your cars,” they say. These dissenters never use sand in their cars, and can go tens of thousands of trouble-free miles with simple preventive oil changes and routine maintenance procedures.

Forget the government of LSA. The elected officials

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