J Morris Hicks

J Morris Hicks

Posted May 24, 2011

Published in Health, Lifestyle

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Weight-loss targets; not recommended -- Here's why

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In our 4-Leaf Program, we always stress "vibrant health" as the primary goal. Fortunately, along with that vibrant health for ourselves, as we eat at the 4-Leaf level, we also enjoy that wonderfully warm feeling of knowing that we have:

  • Inflicted no damage on the environment
  • Used as little fossil fuels as possible
  • Efficiently used our limited land resources
  • Done our part to end the needless suffering of 60 billion animals a year for our dinner tables

These are all wonderful things -- and the kinds of powerful motivators that will keep you committed to the 4-Leaf lifestyle forever -- but if you have a lot of weight to lose, the effortless weight-loss that accompanies all of the above is certainly going to be a welcome fringe benefit.

But, if weight-loss is your primary motivator, then what will motivate you after you achieve your desired weight? Weight-loss should be no more than a one-year process for any of us, and it's just a fringe benefit of never-ending progress toward a much greater goal -- vibrant health for ourselves AND our planet.

A before picture: Dr. Hurley with his wife during Thanksgiving of 2010, just before beginning the 4-Leaf Program with my son J. Stanfield Hicks

And that's the fringe benefit that is being enjoyed right now by everyone who has shifted to a 4-Leaf way of eating for the right reasons. For those who try it for the sole purpose of weight-loss, it just doesn't seem to work nearly as well.

Speaking of weight-loss, today I would like to share a success story of one of our 4-Leaf clients in Boston -- Dr. Brian Hurley.

Working with my son Jason Hicks, Brian was reminded in writing and/or in coaching sessions -- every day for three months to not worry about weight and simply focus on "vibrant health." And Dr. Hurley did just that. Now, with his new diet-style firmly implanted in his life forever, he has revealed a fringe benefit that we know will be permanent -- losing 40 pounds in six months and hitting 170 pounds for the first time since he was 14 years old -- over thirty years ago. From an earlier post, Brian says...

Dr. Hurley at a recent event, sporting a vibrantly healthy body that just happens to weigh 40 pounds less than it did just six months ago.

This week, for the first time in my life, I had two different individuals tell me that I looked great and SHOULD NOT lose anymore weight. I am asked more and more about what I am doing to lose weight.

The other question I get is, "what is my goal weight?" I explain to them I do not have a goal weight, I am letting my body determine it for me. Ironically, if you had asked me at the beginning of my lifestyle change to 4 Leaf, I would have said I would love to get to 182 to 184 lbs. Well, I achieved that in March and today I can tell you that I just reached 170 lbs.

How about that? If Jason had asked Brian his target weight six months ago, Brian might have said 184. Then, after reaching 184, he might have started drifting back into some of his pre 4-Leaf eating habits. And we all know what that means. Goodbye vibrant health and hello gradual weight-gain back to his previous weight. But Brian bought into the vibrant health goal from the beginning, made 4-Leaf eating an enjoyable and healthy part of his life -- and will never have to worry about being over-weight again.

Once again, from the best outdoor coffee shop in Old Naples, Florida (Tony’s) – Be well and have a great day…

—J. Morris Hicks…blogging daily at