J Morris Hicks

J Morris Hicks

Posted November 5, 2011

Published in International

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Unhealthy, unfair, and unsustainable. Yet still ubiquitous.

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We're talking about the fat-laden, highly-processed, meat and dairy diet of the Western world.

Yesterday I had a long conversation with Dr T. Colin Campbell. Our topic was about the sheer absurdity of how the humans of the Western world have chosen to feed ourselves -- and how we might do a better job of helping people understand that absurdity. While the evidence supporting a plant-based diet is simply overwhelming from virtually every perspective, the challenge of getting our message across has never been greater.

An ideal "weapon of mass instruction" for you gift-giving needs this holiday season.

Even with a former president of the United States eating vegan and enjoying vibrant health, people in all walks of life just don't seem to want to understand. And sadly, they simply don't know all that's riding on our simple decision about what to put in our mouth. I am almost certain that if everyone understood all that is at stake, that hundreds of millions of them would be adopting our healthy 4-Leaf lifestyle immediately.

Half of them would probably stop eating meat and dairy overnight if they spent one hour observing all that takes place in just one slaughterhouse. And there are others who might choose plant-based if they understood just how selfish and unfair their current eating habits truly are.

Unhealthy, unfair and unsustainable. Today, I want to focus attention on the "unfair" piece -- and our ability to feed the ever-growing population of the world -- topping seven billion this week. So I pulled together four articles on this topic from my last  271 consecutive days of blogging. You may want to share a few of these with some of your friends and family.

1. World Hunger. It takes a village. World hunger, energy, water — and the “obvious” solution. The Chairman of the world’s largest food company weighs in — WSJ In a recent article in the Wall Street Journal (9-3-11, see link below) by Brian M. Carney (in Vevey, Switzerland), the chairman of Nestlé addresses the ever increasing … Continue reading →

2. U.N. urges global move to meat and dairy-free diet. After learning enough facts, you will no longer be able to call yourself an environmentalist if you continue to eat the typical Western diet. Almost five years ago (2006), the United Nations produced a 400-page report called Livestock’s Long Shadow … Continue reading 

3. Einstein, Hippocrates, Thoreau…those guys had it right. Some great thinkers have been on the right track for a long time. Humankind lived in harmony with nature for several hundred thousand years until just recently — within the past few hundred years. And, according to the research for … Continue reading →

4. Health, Hope and Harmony — and the food we eat. Like a blinding flash of the obvious When I first started looking into the optimal diet for humans back in 2002, I did it first for health reasons. I didn’t have any urgent health issues at the time, but just … Continue reading →

We know that an eventual return to plant-based eating is inevitable, but the journey will be much more pleasant for all if many of us start moving aggressively in that direction today.

J. Morris Hicks, author and activist. Working daily to promote health, hope and harmony on planet Earth.

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