J Morris Hicks

J Morris Hicks

Posted December 9, 2011

Published in Food, Lifestyle

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The Dollars and "Sense" of Plant-Based Eating

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What about the cost of plant-based eating? On the surface it would seem to cost a lot more than our standard meat, dairy and egg diet. And since most people never get beneath the surface, the perceived high cost of plant-based eating just gives them one more reason to not give up their typical Western diet.

But for me, a 66-year old man enjoying vibrant health, I see things much differently. For a person who prepares his own food up until 6 p.m. and goes out to eat almost every night, I have actually saved money. Since I made the switch to plant-based eating nine years ago, I figure that I have saved around $300 per month -- adding up to a total of over $30,000 saved during the past nine years. More on my own experience later, but first, let's hear from Linda Dale on this topic. Last week, she wrote:

Until the subsidies given to meat manufacturers end or are greatly reduced,  getting more people to eat whole food plant foods is going to be very difficult indeed.  Most people aren't interested in changing the way they eat because they can't imagine not having cooked flesh every day, and the cost of eating nothing but whole plant foods gives them another excuse.

Because of subsidies, beef sells for an average of around $4.00 per pound and turkey this year averaged 45 CENTS per pound!   Meanwhile, I'm paying $4.99 per pound for mushrooms, $5.99 per pound for red peppers and $7.00 a pound for kale and collard greens. Linda.

The cost per calorie varies widely among plant-based foods, but fortunately there are some real bargains out there.

First, I will respond to Linda's concerns; then, following my remarks, is a recent 2-minute video on this subject from Dr. John McDougall.

Linda is absolutely right, on a pound for pound basis; bacon and turkey costs much less than mushrooms, red peppers, kale, collards and spinach. And if she compared those same foods on a cost/calorie basis, the difference would have been even greater. She's also right about those subsidies for meat and dairy that are not likely to end anytime soon. What to do? Continue reading this article (with video)...

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