J Morris Hicks

J Morris Hicks

Posted October 30, 2011

Published in Celebrities, Health

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Oz hits a HOME RUN with Julieanna Hever

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Just before Game 7 of the World Series, Dr. Oz hits a home run in the studio.

And It's time to give credit where credit is due; and, today, my hat's off to Dr. Oz. His "prehistoric diet" segment, that led off the 10-28-11 airing of his show, was one of the most powerful twenty minutes that I have ever seen on television. He called it his "most extreme experiment ever"  in an effort to find the answer to this question:

Could a "prehistoric diet" save your life?

Dr. Oz discussing the raw plant foods with his participants.

With an objective of lowering blood pressure, cholesterol and weight; they recruited three complete strangers (all female) and had them reside in a zoo and consume  Dr. Oz's "prehistoric diet" for 48 hours. Checking into their tent quarters at the Turtle Back Zoo in New Jersey, Dr. Oz himself delivered their rations: ten pounds of raw vegetables and fruit per day. 

The good news is that they all survived -- the bad news is that they missed their favorite foods and all agreed that they wouldn't be able to stick with that diet in the real world. Even though Oz called it the diet that our ancestors lived on; hence (in other words, the natural diet for our species), they all agreed (including Oz) that it was too extreme for most Americans.

The three women lived inside a tent in this zoo for 48 hours.

The even better news is that the next half of the segment was all about turning that near 100% whole plant-based eating into a reasonable, delicious and sustainable diet-style -- one that they could easily maintain for the rest of their life. 

The numbers.VERY impressive. In just 48 hours, here are the average results for the three women living in that tent at the zoo:

  • Blood pressure: 128/91 was lowered to 115/72
  • Triglycerides: 138 down to 88
  • LDL cholesterol: down an average of 37 points
  • Weight: average loss was 4 pounds.

Great results, but too tough to sustain. What to do? Enter Julieanna Hever. Click here to continue reading this article (video included).

—J. Morris Hicks…blogging daily at HealthyEatingHealthyWorld.com