J Morris Hicks

J Morris Hicks

Posted July 6, 2011

Published in Health

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Dr. Campbell's Course -- making a huge difference in my life!

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A reader last night asked me a question about the Plant-Based Nutrition course at Cornell and the T. Colin Campbell Foundation. I had actually been thinking about that topic recently and had concluded that I got much more out of that course than I realized at the time of my graduation in November 2009. Here's the question from Karen in Illinois and my response:

I think I read somewhere on your blog that you took the Plant-Based Nutrition course online at eCornell. I’m considering that and wondered if you feel you learned quite a bit more than you’d learned by reading books from the leading docs/scientists on the topic? Regards, Karen.

My Cornell Certificate in Plant Based Nutrition -- November 2009

My Response. As for the course at Cornell, it costs $1065 but in my case was well worth it. Truth be known, it may have very well been the spark that convinced me to write my book; which has led me to a new career in writing, speaking, blogging and consulting. As we wrote reports following the lectures, I quickly realized that I had a better "big picture" understanding than most people in the course and had a special gift for being able to make thatpicture clear in my writing. That realization has made a big difference in my life...

So, in making your decision, it's not only about what you might learn, it's more about what might happen next in your life because of it. And, in my case, along with that new career -- it's nice to be "certified" in plant-based nutrition.

J. Morris Hicks, trying to help people everywhere understand the "big picture" about the food we eat.

I go into much more detail about the background of that course in the blog below. After I wrote that blog, I received this note from one of my eCornell instructors:  ”Hello Jim. Great article. I have not read such a clear summary of the progression of Dr. Campbell’s teaching from Cornell to eCornell. Nicely done. And, thank you for promoting the courses in this way.” from Lewis in Ithaca, NY.

Cancer, cell phones, cow’s milk, and Cornell

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