J Morris Hicks

J Morris Hicks

Posted June 10, 2011

Published in Health

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Cancer, cell phones, cow's milk, and Cornell

Read More: cow's milk as a carcinogen, dairy industry money and schools of nutrition, diet and cancer, T. Colin Campbell

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How does a farm boy turned scientist cope with the startling discovery that the casein in cow's milk is a powerful carcinogen?

After growing up on a dairy farm in Virginia, Dr. T. Colin Campbell began his career in nutritional science believing that the healthiest diet in the world was the good old standard American diet -- rich in meat and dairy three meals a day. But, as a man of the highest integrity, he took notice as he began discovering some dirty little secretsabout the animal "protein" products that we had been led to believe were so healthy.

Dr. T. Colin Campbell, author of The China Study -- grew up on a dairy farm but stopped serving ANY milk whatsoever to his own family over twenty years ago. He also counseled Dr. Spock prior to his final book -- he too finally learned the truth about milk a few years before he died.

After uncovering scientific evidence that negatively implicated the vast amount of animal protein in our diets, he was advised by his peers and colleagues that, in the interest of his career, he better keep quiet about those findings. Fortunately, keeping quiet about something that was killing people all over the world simply wasn't in the Colin Campbell DNA.

Being a scientist, he wanted to find more proof before he went public -- he simply wanted to be sure. He knew that once he went public with negative information about animal-based foods, that he would have difficulty getting much funding -- and, without funding, it's difficult to do much scientific research.

Fortunately, in 1980, he got the chance to direct the largest epidemiological study in the history of the world. It was called The China-Cornell-Oxford Project and, over the next thirty years, produced startling evidence about the relationship between diet, disease and health. As the overall director of this huge international project -- this vital experience became the capstone of his 50-year career.

My Cornell Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition -- Nov. 2009; a certificate that is good for continuing education credits for MD's and RD's but (thanks to the dairy industry) is no longer good for credits toward graduation from Cornell University.

After becoming absolutely sure that the natural and best diet for our species was whole, plant-based foods; he followed the encouragement of his wife Karen -- and told his complete career story in his world-changing book, The China Study(BenBella 2005).

She had been saying that he simply must tell his story -- for the children of the world. But long before telling his story to the world, he created a plant-based nutrition course at Cornell University in the 90's and taught it himself for seven years.  Continue reading>>>>

---J. Morris Hicks