J Morris Hicks

J Morris Hicks

Posted July 29, 2011

Published in Green, International

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Burning trees in the Amazon -- to feed pigs in China

Read More: cruel and unsustainable typical Western diet, harmful, Sustainable eating, wasteful

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Just when you think that it couldn't getting any crazier regarding our typical Western diet, you see a headline like this one. We're not the only nation that has become addicted to the most harmful, wasteful, and unsustainable diet in history; the Chinese are now going after our "Western" diet in a big way. From a recent Fast Company article (See link at end):

The Chinese middle class is eating more and more meat, and Beijing wants to keep prices low. That means finding a way to feed all those pigs with grain imported from land cut from the Brazilian rainforest.

Pigs in China; eating grain imported from Brazil -- part of a grossly unsustainable process of feeding humans the wrong food for our species.

Apparently, the Chinese are obsessed with having enough food in much the same manner as America has been obsessed with having enough oil. And, in order to address that "food security" issue, they are doing whatever it takes to make sure that their people have all the moo shu pork that they want.

So, China's leaders set up a "strategic pork reserve" project in 2007; requiring massive importation of corn and soybeans to feed their burgeoning population of pigs. From the article:

China's attempts to control the means of production in other countries just rising out of developing world is causing tension with its natural allies, and could be just the first step in an ever-escalating series of resource-based conflicts.

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