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Blog Entries by J Morris Hicks

The worst "health tip" I have ever seen (courtesy of AARP)

J Morris Hicks | August 15, 12 at 03:41 AM | Celebrities

Read More: AARP health tip, Tommy Lee Meryl

  Just when you think that our mainstream "system" can't get any worse. (Featuring Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones) The latest terrible advice from our "system" arrived in my mailbox today---and was contained within my copy of the August-September...

Who is the most famous doctor in America?

J Morris Hicks | August 9, 12 at 05:04 AM | Celebrities

Read More: sanjay gupta, sugar kills, the last heart attack

Well, that depends on who you ask. If you ask me... Without a doubt, Dr. Mehmet Oz is the most famous doctor in the country---but we all know that he is now in the entertainment business. Therefore, he is...

Killin' chikins for Jesus...a la Chick-fil-A

J Morris Hicks | August 6, 12 at 10:22 AM | Animals

Read More: chick-fil-A, suffering animals

As a former resident of Atlanta, I know all about Mr. S. Truett Cathy and how he built his company, Chick-fil-A on biblical principles. But not all biblical principles; just the ones that suited him. For example, I wonder what Jesus would say about...

Reversing cancer; not quite as simple as heart disease

J Morris Hicks | July 31, 12 at 07:58 AM | Health

Read More: preventing cancer, Reversing cancer

Last week, I received a note from a reader who was responding to my recent post about the "cancer industry turning 41." Like another reader, she had heard about Gerson Cancer Therapy and wanted to know my thoughts. She...

So now they tell us...about "secondary cancers."

J Morris Hicks | July 24, 12 at 02:07 PM | Health

Read More: Secondary cancers, side effects of cancer treatment

Those are the ones caused by the "treatment" of primary cancers. And guess what? These so called "secondary cancers" now make up the sixth-most common group of malignancies---according to a 7-16-12 New York Times article (See link below). It was written by a...

Earning a living as a health coach can be difficult...

J Morris Hicks | July 10, 12 at 12:42 PM | Health

Read More: health coach certification, Institute for Integrative Nutrition, promoting health as a health coach

 ...if you teach your clients exactly how to take charge of their health. That's because they will soon no longer need you. A Google search for "certified health coach" yields over ten million results. The first two are the Institute of Integrative...

My only brother "unsubscribes" from my blog---after hearing what I had to say about cancer.

J Morris Hicks | July 4, 12 at 04:23 AM | Health

Read More: cancer prevention, cause of cancer, psa testing

Cancer is our most-feared disease and is somewhat of a lightning rod when it comes to people who've experienced any form of this horrible disease. Occasionally, people decide to "unsubscribe" from my blogs after reading some of my bold...

Cancer survivors are on the rise. Is that good news?

J Morris Hicks | June 22, 12 at 04:51 AM | Health

Read More: preventing cancer, surviving cancer

  And what about prevention?   The American Cancer Society reported this week that the number of Americans with a history of cancer will rise by a third over the next decade, hitting some 18 million by 2022. What is the definition...

Geneticist's Research Finds His Own Diabetes

J Morris Hicks | June 15, 12 at 04:24 AM | Health

Read More: human genome medicine, reversing diabetes

And turns the story into a sales pitch for high-tech medicine. Many of the world's brightest medical minds are pinning their hopes for the future on the miracles that will ensue from human genome sequencing. On 6-2-12, the New York Times  published...

Are you a colonoscopy customer?

J Morris Hicks | June 6, 12 at 04:48 AM | Health

Read More: need for colonoscopy, risk of dying of colon cancer

Not me; I just said NO---to this $60 billion business. Last week, the New York Times published an article about the "major colonoscopy bills" that people are facing these days. In an article of well over one thousand words (See link...

Breaking News: Bill Gates sees plant-based sustainability

J Morris Hicks | May 29, 12 at 04:39 AM | Celebrities

Read More: bill gates on eating animals, Bill Gates plant-based sustainability

How did we get into such a mess with regards to what we're eating? After posting this blog at 0600 from Stonington, CT on May 29, a reader in Singapore wrote to tell me that "the Gates of Wisdom...

Searching for the cure---now has a life of its own.

J Morris Hicks | May 21, 12 at 11:17 AM | Health

Read More: prevention of cancer, searching for the cure

A midnight message from Karen inspires a new look at cancer research. At 12:08 EDT, while I was sound asleep at my home in Stonington, Connecticut; an email message arrived from a reader in Arizona. A super healthy, bike-racing...

HBO 'Obesity Special' simply adds to the confusion.

J Morris Hicks | May 15, 12 at 12:29 PM | Health

Read More: HBO Obesity documentary, reversing obesity, Weight of the Nation

  Good description of the problem. The solution? Not so much Image from the HBO documentary Did you watch the first few hours of the HBO Obesity special last night? If so, I would like to hear what you thought...

Early Detection; then slash, burn and poison...

J Morris Hicks | May 8, 12 at 04:22 AM | Health

Read More: cancer treatment paradigm

There has to be a better way---and there is! President Richard Nixon signs the National Cancer Act on December 23, 1971.   Since Richard Nixon declared war on cancer back in 1971, a huge cancer business has gotten much...

Just say NO to a flawed "disease care" system.

J Morris Hicks | April 24, 12 at 08:39 AM | Health

Read More: preventing cancer

  For if we continue to follow the money, our population will never be healthy. Just read a book review in the New York Times (See link below). The book is How We Do Harm: A Doctor Breaks Ranks About Being Sick In America (St....

Not much "health promotion" going on at VegFest

J Morris Hicks | April 17, 12 at 04:25 AM | Health

Most exhibitors featured food that was just "not animals" On a warm and sunny spring day in Worcester, Massachusetts---Dr. T. Colin Campbell was the highlight of the event as he he addressed a standing-room-only crowd at 1 p.m. He...

The daunting task of moving the world to plant-based

J Morris Hicks | April 10, 12 at 04:09 AM | Health

Could anything be more difficult? Yes! In an era when over 90% of us are eating some form of the typical Western diet with meat, dairy, and/or eggs three meals a day---we know that it is a daunting task...

Academic "Unfreedom" at Cornell---T. Colin Campbell

J Morris Hicks | April 3, 12 at 06:43 AM | Food, Health

Read More: academic freedom food, academic freedom T Colin Campbell, cornell academic freedom

The headline in the Cornell Progressive on March 8, 2012 We may no longer have academic freedom at Cornell or ANY of our schools of nutrition, but the first amendment is alive and well. And it was recently exercised by Dr. T....

From Bison Burgers to Saving the Planet

J Morris Hicks | March 22, 12 at 12:27 PM | Celebrities, Green

Read More: global warming, water pollution, water shortage

  Trailing in the bottom of the 7th inning---with Ted Turner Entering Atlanta's mega-airport yesterday morning at 6:00 a.m., I noticed a large poster image of Ted Turner gesturing with one hand and saying, "We're this close to ending polio." Then, while...

Protein---There's only one way not to get enough of it...

J Morris Hicks | March 16, 12 at 10:13 AM | Health

  By not getting enough calories Essential nutrient? Yes. More important than complex carbohydrates? No. Earlier this week, I blogged about the importance of fiber in the diet of herbivores. Today, I want to revisit the old question about protein---because this...