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Blog Entries by J Morris Hicks

Most Important Topic in the History of Humankind

J Morris Hicks | June 1, 15 at 11:33 AM

Our Food Choices in the 21st Century Life began on our planet about four billion years ago. The human species emerged just 200,000 years ago. If you crammed those four billion years of history into one year, we've been here...

Ice Buckets, E-Cigs, & lack of focus on the "vital few"

J Morris Hicks | August 25, 14 at 11:19 AM | Green, Health

Perennial lack of clarity and the never-ending bombardment of confusion That's my definition of the NEWS and just about every other form of human activity. And that's why we never solve our most serious problems, because all of our attention...

What's the real story behind Bill Clinton's health turnaround?

J Morris Hicks | April 27, 14 at 05:02 AM | Celebrities, Health, Video

Read More: Bill Clinton, Mark Hyman, vegan

Unfortunately, you won't find it in the New York Times. But you will find it here. Last week, Dr. Mark Hyman was in the news from coast-to-coast. For what? For publicizing the fact that he has convinced Bill Clinton to...

"Living in Harmony with Nature" by Ted Turner

J Morris Hicks | March 2, 14 at 04:31 AM | Green

With courage, conviction, humility, Shakespeare and Captain Planet Everyone has heard of Ted Turner, but few really know the man. Among those who know him a lot better are those who've taken the time to read his amazing story in...

NOTHING is more important than SUSTAINABILITY!

J Morris Hicks | February 6, 14 at 06:23 AM | Green

Read More: climate change, global warming, sustainability

Things that we value most like family, health, freedom, wealth and happiness---do not exist without sustainability. In other words, if we don't learn how to live sustainably, life will be nothing more than a hell on Earth for those...

Eating for health or sustainability? Why not BOTH?

J Morris Hicks | January 4, 14 at 12:20 PM | Green

Most people don't think about either one when making their food choices. They simply eat what tastes good. With so much confusion around what we should be eating, they figure that they'll just eat what they want---and enjoy it. I...

"Humans: the real threat to life on Earth."

J Morris Hicks | October 1, 13 at 04:48 AM | Green

Words of wisdom from Microsoft's Stephen Emmott, PhD Microsoft's head of Computational Science (based in Cambridge, UK), Dr. Emmott recently presented the world with a terrifying wake-up call. And, in so doing, he inspired me to conceptualize a possible...

The TERRIFYING repercussions of our DEMAND for meat

J Morris Hicks | September 3, 13 at 10:04 AM | Green

Read More: environmental effects of diet, richard oppenlander

From the well-researched point of view of another "big picture" guy When I first began learning about the many repercussions of our food choices in 2002, I immediately wanted to understand the "big picture." After more than ten years...

Bill Clinton connects "sustainability" and food choices.

J Morris Hicks | August 24, 13 at 04:56 AM | Celebrities

Read More: collapse of civilization, sustainability of humanity

  In the August/September Issue of AARP Magazine When my copy arrived in the mail this week, two articles featured on the cover caught my attention. (See links to source articles below) The first article (Bill Clinton. His Life-Saving Diet) provides...

Do you breathe air, drink water and have sex?

J Morris Hicks | August 10, 13 at 11:57 AM | Health

Even with no randomized studies proving that you should? What should humans be eating? That's the question that I began studying in 2002. Six months later, I concluded---without a doubt---that we should be eating a whole foods, plant-based diet. From...

Are humans the "infestation" of planet Earth?

J Morris Hicks | August 5, 13 at 03:32 AM | Green

I say YES! And a prominent Microsoft scientist agrees. Although he didn't actually refer to infestation specifically, his 3600-word article left no doubt. The title itself speaks volumes: "Humans: the real threat to life on Earth." Microsoft's head of Computational Science (based...

Are you ready for a $35 burger?

J Morris Hicks | July 16, 13 at 07:45 AM | Green

Read More: cap and trade water, water for sale

And much higher than that if the beef industry had to pay for water.                Water excerpt from Lester Brown's book Although many analysts are concerned about the depletion of oil resources, the...

Talking heart disease with Marilu Henner

J Morris Hicks | July 11, 13 at 07:39 AM | Celebrities, Health

Read More: heart disease, marilu henner

  Featuring My 6-Step Solution for Ending Heart Disease Yesterday, July 10, I had the honor of being the very first "repeat" guest on the new Marilu Henner radio show, now eight weeks old. The topic was heart disease and featured a...

Do you breathe air, drink water and have sex?

J Morris Hicks | July 2, 13 at 06:45 AM | Food, Health

Even with no randomized studies proving that you should? What should humans be eating? That's the question that I began studying in 2002. Six months later, I concluded---without a doubt---that we should be eating a whole foods, plant-based diet. From...

World's largest company. World's largest healthcare bill.

J Morris Hicks | June 24, 13 at 03:23 AM | Health

Read More: mike duke health care, walmart health care

  Also, the world's greatest opportunity to save money on healthcare Have you noticed the Walmart ads for the improved assortment of fruits and veggies in the produce department? Now, all they need to do to save a few billion dollars a...

"Why I'm Not a Vegan" --- Title of latest Mark Bittman piece

J Morris Hicks | June 4, 13 at 01:39 PM | Celebrities

Read More: Mark Bittman, VB6, vegan

Then he proceeds to tell us all the reasons he should be. Confusing, to say the least. As a big fan of Mark Bittman, I continue to be mystified by his refusal to take a stand and tell us...

Plant-Based for ALL Patients! Says Kaiser Permanente.

J Morris Hicks | May 22, 13 at 04:35 AM | Health

Read More: Kaiser Permanente Plant-Based

Finally some much needed CLARITY from the "system" In their Spring 2013 Journal, America's largest managed care company and hospital system has taken a bold stand on the superiority of plant-based nutrition to promote health. This is big news...

How many people do you know that have heart disease?

J Morris Hicks | May 1, 13 at 01:11 PM | Health

Read More: Reversing heart disease

Probably a great many more than you think. Think of how many people you know over thirty; then multiply that number by 90%. You see, most people in the United States over the age of thirty already have heart...

Slaughterhouses. New York Times article misses the point.

J Morris Hicks | April 11, 13 at 01:54 PM | Animals

Unnecessary suffering. Part of a miserable process that need not exist Over a four-day span last week, I spoke to several hundred sixth graders at a middle school in New London, CT. (See links below for details). Prior to...

Dr. Campbell's new book, WHOLE --- Pre Order Promotion

J Morris Hicks | March 6, 13 at 01:56 PM

Read More: Free copy of Healthy Eating, Healthy World

Featuring a free copy of Healthy Eating, Healthy World Our publisher (BenBella Books) who we both share, is generously offering a special pre-order promotion (through end of March) of Dr. Campbell's new book, "WHOLE, Rethinking the Science of Nutrition." Offer is...