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Some Suggestions & Guidelines for Swap Transactions:

We've put together some buy/sell guidelines as suggestions for how people might minimize misunderstandings when making transactions on our Swap Boards.  Most of these aren't "rules," just some suggestions to consider for doing business on these boards with people you don't know.

To read "the rules" for the Swap Boards, click here

  1. If you're a seller, please put your e-mail address in your post so that buyers can contact you. Swap board transactions are conducted by private email, not on the board, and any ads without a valid email address will be removed.
  2. When your product is sold, please post ASAP under your original ad to inform people that it's been sold (so that others don't waste time writing to you).
  3. Sellers may wish to send items C.O.D. to insure that they get their money.   Alternatively, sellers often ask to receive a check or money order prior to sending out the materials.  Many sellers will ask that the check they receive clear the bank before they send out the materials.
  4. Communication is the key to avoiding misunderstandings.   We strongly suggest that buyer and seller contact each other by e-mail at the occurance of each of the following events:
    • when the buyer has sent a check;
    • when the seller has received the check;
    • when the check has cleared (if the seller requires this);
    • when the seller mails out the books;
    • when the buyer receives the books.
  5. Hang onto the e-mail addresses of anyone you are doing business with, so you can contact them later if needed.
  6. Shipping times vary greatly.  Many sellers send via Book Rate, and depending on locations, it can take from 1 to 6 weeks to get your books.  Remember that not all sellers can get out to the post office right away, and it may be appropriate to send a gentle reminder asking whether they've sent out your order yet.
  7. Please don't use ALL CAPS when writing your subject in your posts.
  8. Know that most people are in it for the long haul, and over time buyers and sellers get to know each other by reputation.  Your efforts to be considerate of others will be rewarded by a good reputation, and probably many good transactions over a long time.
  9. If you've had a problem with someone, and you've tried to contact them to resolve it, and you've given a few days to hear back but have not, you may post on the Swap Problems board.   Keep in mind, though, that while from time to time there may have been an individual who ripped off someone else, the vast majority of people using these boards are trustworthy.  People do forget, or get busy, or leave town for a week, and there are often good reasons why you haven't heard back right away.  So please go the extra mile to give someone the benefit of the doubt before offering a public opinion that you've been treated unfairly.
  10. For those who may be considering ripping others off, just understand that it's a felony to use the U.S. Mail to defraud people, and police will get involved in these situations, even when the amount in question is modest.
  11. VegSource is not responsible for transactions conducted on the swap boards. We will try to help when there is a problem, but all such issues are strictly between the buyers and sellers.
  12. Enjoy yourselves!

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