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Promoting Your Home Business on VegSource

If you are a homeschooling individual and . . .

Upon receipt of your payment, Dealer Program members will be issued a special code for posting on VegSource. The code will identify you as a dealer and entitle you to sell items in a way we do not permit regular guests. Dealers will be able to sell homemade products as well as course curriculum.

Without permission to sell as a Dealer on VegSource, dealer-style posts will be removed and repeated offenses (i.e., making dealer-type posts repeatedly without being in the Dealer Program) will result in banning from the site.

For questions, use this form to contact us or to pay by credit card now.

Posting issues are dealt with by email only. Emails, faxes or snail mail letters sent to addresses other than the one provided will be deleted/discarded unread.

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