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Hillary Rettig is an author, coach and workshop leader specializing in helping people overcome procrastination, perfectionism and writer's block. She blogs at, and other sites.

Blog Entries by Hillary Rettig

In Which I Advise A Young Baby

Hillary Rettig | June 26, 12 at 06:08 PM | Lifestyle

Read More: Advice, Lessons Learned, Lifestyle, Personal Development, Productivity, Professional Development

My friend, free software activist, Ciaran McHale and his wife, Bianca, recently had a baby--the gorgeous Toby. And they did something  completely cool, which was to ask friends concerned with social justice to write letters to Toby, which they would...

How to Get More Productive

Hillary Rettig | July 23, 11 at 04:11 PM

Read More: productivity, self-help

My new book is about to be published: The Seven Secrets of the Prolific: The Definitive Guide to Overcoming Procrastination, Perfectionism, and Writer's Block. I'm kvelling! It's the culmination of three years' writing work, plus many more years teaching...

The Purpose of Even a Vegan Business is Profit

Hillary Rettig | May 30, 11 at 08:55 AM | Lifestyle

Read More: business, entrepreneurship, feasibility, Hillary Rettig, mentors, profitability, Small Business Administration, vegan

Yes, I know about the evils of profit, and I'm obviously not suggesting you elevate it over all ethical concerns. But if you wish to be in business – which I believe is a valid personal and activist strategy –...

My Big Fat Vegan Kidney Donation

Hillary Rettig | April 29, 11 at 03:26 PM | Lifestyle

Read More: animal shelter, hillary rettig, kidney donation, lifelong activist, Matchingdonors, Maxfund, organ donation, vegan, vegsource

"I had often thought when I encountered cruelty and neglect that there was a whole army of people who did these unspeakable things, a great, unheeding horde who never spared a thought for the feelings of the helpless creatures...

VegNews, Vegan Integrity and the Fate of a Vegan Whistleblower

Hillary Rettig | April 23, 11 at 01:44 PM | Food

Read More: ethics, Hillary Rettig, Lifelong Activist, Quarrygirl, veganism, VegNews

Blogger Quarrygirl recently published an expose showing that VegNews magazine was using stock photographs of meat and dairy dishes to illustrate articles about vegan food. In one case, the magazine actually photoshopped out the bones from a photo of spare...