What People are saying about A Race for Life

"I'm impressed...it's fascinating...a winner...a great book!"

Kenneth H. Cooper, M.D.
Director, Aerobics Institute, Dallas TX

"If you're serious about improving your health, this intelligent, well-educated writer has some essential information, and a story about the level of commitment necessary to make it all work."

William Harris, M.D., Honolulu, HI

"In 1984 an attractive woman in her late 40's came to see me for treatment of a hip fracture. I was amazed at the story that unfolded -- a cancer diagnosis that convinced a grandmother to consider triathlon training. That was a first for me!

To my credit, however, I was quick to see Ruth Heidrich's great potential as a role model for women of her age, cancer or not. Unfortunately, the media viewed her more as a phenomenon, an oddity...someone "running" from the spectre of cancer.

I got to know Ruth, not as a woman of iron, but of flesh and blood who, for some reason, did not accept the limitations that the rest of us place on ourselves. Just as important, she was willing to work intellectually -- searching for the best information that might possibly save her life. As a psychologist friend put it, "This lady really didn't want to die!

As I read the manuscript, I worried that people would lose a valuable message thinking, "I could never do an Ironman!" Please do what Ruth Heidrich did and defer placing limitations on yourself. I believe that not one person in a thousand knows what they are capable of. Before making a decision about your own limitations, Read This Book!"

Carl Weisbrod, Ph. D., Honolulu, HI

"An exciting story about a brave woman who fought cancer to its knees and took on the most prestigious athletic event in the world."

John Kay, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

"A courageous, inspiring story plus a sensible plan for vitality and glowing health."

C.D. Baker, M.D., Seattle, WA

"An inspiration for all women who fear breast cancer."

Susan Young, Kailua, HI

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