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"A Race For Life" - $14.95 plus s&h (click here to see cover & more info)

From the Foreword of the Book…
"For several years now, both medical and physical evidence has pointed to diet, exercise and emotional factors as contributing in great measure to prevention, some rather miraculous remissions and, in some cases, outright cures for cancer. Ruth Heidrich tells a fascinating story of her progression from a woman devastated by the thought of losing her breast and, quite possibly life, from cancer to becoming an internationally recognized athlete.

"Her exercise and diet programs are now so well integrated into her life that many of her friends do not know that she routinely competes in the Kona, Hawaii "Ironman Triathlon" with a back-to-back 2.4 mile rough water ocean swim, 112 mile bike ride and 26.2 mile marathon.

"Ruth's story needs to be told, not to glorify her athletic prowess, which is a story in itself, but to demonstrate that there is a mix of diet, exercise, and mental conditioning that anyone of us can use to fight the invasion of disease and depression in a natural way. As the medical profession, coaches, and nutritionists gather evidence for our future benefit, people like Ruth Heidrich are on the forefront, proving that the way to a healthier and happier life, and the prevention of disease, are here today."

-- Terry Shintani, M.D.

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"A Race For Life - The Video" - $19.95

From the video cover…
"Dr. Ruth Heidrich exemplifies the benefits of a healthful diet and active lifestyle. The achievements of this dynamic woman point to the potential in each of us, and this video will inspire many to follow in her footsteps."
-- Dan Millman, Author of "Way of the Peaceful Warrior.

"The first time you watch this, you'll run out and exercise. The second time you watch it, you'll take notes. The third time, you'll show it to a friend."
-- Dick Allgire, TV News Anchor & Host of "The Health Report

"This video should provide many Americans with the motivation to adopt diet and exercise programs that can reduce the risk of several chronic illnesses. I applaud your efforts."
-- Laurence N. Kolonel, M.D., Ph.D., Director and Researcher
Cancer Researach Center of Hawaii

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