William Harris, M.D. -- The Scientific Basis of Vegetarianism
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The Scientific Basis of Vegetarianism

  • Where are the nutrients essential to humans synthesized?
  • What were the dietary patterns of humanity's remote ancestors?
  • Is the "Basic Four Food Group" scheme science or advertising?
  • What about animal protein, fat, and cholesterol?
  • What are the economic forces that drive American agriculture and its nutritional teachings?
  • How can the U.S. government hope to reform health care while it's still price-supporting the foods that make people sick?
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These are but a few of the issues raised by William Harris, M.D., who has been a vegetarian for 47 years, and an Emergency Room Physician for 32 years.  This is a book intended for both health professionals and laypersons.
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What Others Are Saying . . .
"This is not just a re-hash of McDougall, Ornish, and others. It is an original and provocative look at the wider web of a meat-centered diet. Bill Harris has done the vegetarian movement and thinking people everywhere a service by boldly addressing the social as well as the health aspects of vegetarianism."
-Keith Akers, author of A Vegetarian Sourcebook
"Anyone interested in the science of healthy eating will find a gold mine in Dr. Harris's work. It delivers the underpinnings of a vegetarian diet in the detail that doctors will appreciate, but so understandably that lay readers will be enriched with practical new knowledge."
-Neal Barnard, M.D., President, Physician's Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM)
"I consider Dr. Harris one of the greatest health educators in America today. His insightful viewpoints are enlightening and even thrilling as he uncovers and gets right to the heart of the health problems facing us. His book The Scientific Basis of Vegetarianism is must reading for every health seeker and health professional in America."
-Joel Fuhrman, M.D., Internist, Belle Meade, New Jersey
"Dr. Harris is one of the primary scientific advisors to my nightly Health Report on KITV News. He's one of the few doctors who understands the relationship between diet and disease. His writing clearly lays out the scientific evidence that a vegetarian diet is the most balanced diet for humans."
-Dick Allgire, KITV-4 news anchor
"This landmark publication's incrimination of our government's role as a partial cause of the health problem should give one pause."
-Ruth Heidrich, Hawaii Age-Group Triathlon Record Holder, and author of A Race for Life
"This book is destined to become a classic...by far the most cogent, well presented, and researched work on the subject."
-Robert Kradjian, M.D., author of Save Yourself From Breast Cancer, Chief of General Surgery, Seton Medical Center, Daly City, CA
"Dr. William Harris is a pioneer in the vegetarian movement. His book will inspire doctors to learn one of the most neglected principles of good health--good nutrition."
-John McDougall, M.D.