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Download the major source of food
composition data in the United States.

SR26+.xls supercedes USDA SR22+, previously at this URL.
Click here to download Excel file SR26+.xls
(expect ~ 30" delay while loading, then save where you wish)

This 27 MB Microsoft Excel 97 Spreadsheet was assembled in 2014 from USDA data downloaded from: http://www.ars.usda.gov/Services/docs.htm?docid=8964  by:

James H. Thompson, video host Vegetarian Society of Hawaii www.vsh.org/video  who exported the USDA SR26.mdb file from Microsoft Access into a custom Perl program (http://www.perl.org/) and converted the data into a flat Excel spreadsheet.

and by

William Harris, M.D., Vegetarian Society of Hawaii secretary and video coordinator, author of The Scientific Basis of Vegetarianism harrismdw001@hawaii.rr.comwww.vegsource.com/harris/ 

To sort any of the databases, place your cursor in cell A1, go to Data/Sort, select "my list has header row", and "sort by descending". then left-click the small down carat and pick, from the choices in the "sort by" box, the desired column (e.g. Calcium/wt or Calcium/Cal) and click "OK". Excel will sort the file in a few seconds and Cntrl-Home will bring the pointer back to cell A1

Hold down the right arrow key until the appropriate nutrient column appears, showing the descending values. A quicker method is to copy in the "sort by" box (e.g. "Cntrl-C" [copy] "Protein/Cal"), hit "enter" to begin the sort, "Cntrl-Home" after the sort is done, and then left click in the far left 1st row to highlight the entire label row. "Cntrl-F" (find) then "Cntrl-V" (paste ) drops "Protein/Cal" into the find box and "enter" takes you you quickly to that column.

SR26+.xls consists of 17 sheets: 1. "About", which gives an overview of the entire file, 2. "SR26" ( main USDA data sheet), 3."Vegan Database" (3151 foods with fewer columns) and 14 other sheets of nutritional data.

It is advisable not to save "SR26.xls" unless it is renamed since any changes made will disrupt the original data. No provision is made for individual nutritional analysis, however it could be done by copying the A header row into a new spreadsheet, then selecting all of the foods eaten in a given period of time and copying those rows into the new spreadsheet. Standard spreadsheet methods could then be used to adjust the food quantities and summarize the nutrient intake.

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