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Diet and Exercise Questionnaire
Created by William Harris, M.D.

How healthy are you?
Take the Questionnaire and find out!

Most of us know that for optimal health we need to eat healthy and get regular exercise.  So where are you at this point?  What changes would be good to make, and how valuable would those changes be?

To help give you an understanding of the importance of diet and lifestyle issues, Dr. Harris has devised the Diet and Exercise Questionnaire.

The easiest way to use it is to download a copy and run it on your spreadsheet program.  You'll be able to answer the questions and the program will automatically calculate your results and present you with information about how healthy your diet and lifestyle really are.

The questionnaire also includes a page for frequently ordered lab tests, a framework for a simple health diary, and a selection of 900 unprocessed vegan foods from the USDA SR13 database with 95 columns of nutrient data that can be sorted both by weight and by Calories

And best -- it's free!  This is the same program Dr. Harris used with his patients at the  Kaiser Vegetarian Lifestyle Clinic in Hawaii.

Here are some sample screens of what you'll get:

Download the Questionnaire:

  • Download Diet & Exercise Questionnaire (Microsoft Excel version 5.0/95, 1.27 MB)