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August 15, 2011

My Videos

Since 1997 I have recorded and edited over 150 one hour videos of well known vegetarian spokespeople discussing the major benefits of a vegan diet. Most of them are available online at


Included are 12 of my own lectures to the Vegetarian Society of Hawaii (VSH), primarily on the ethical, environmental, and human health aspects of a vegan diet. They are listed below with particular topics located at minute:second points (eg "7:22") on each tape that can be reached by moving the slider and hitting "play" or by simply clicking on the topic.

I thank all the past and present board members of VSH whose dedicated and voluntary efforts made the free monthly lectures possible, with particular thanks to our video host James Thompson who uploaded them all to YouTube for worldwide viewing. 

Getting Started - Lite

-September 2012


Origin of Nutrients of Nutrients 5:05 

Biblical, Evolutionary Diets are same 19:03

            Online Freebies 5:47

African animal diet strategies 20:00

Do vegetarians quit? 6:56

The Macronutrient debate 30:30

Vegan cartoons 8:33

Food Oil 35:00

Wholefood vegan and exercise 10:06

  Roy Swank M.D.'s study from 1954 38:24 

Fiber and wholefood as health markers 12:33

USDA, FDA, IRS destroy health 48:03

Cooking methods, best and worst 14:28

Hygeia and Aesclapius defend health 50:11

Ethics, Ecology, and Health 16:22

Conclusions 51:16

Be Your Own Nutritionist July 2011 


Diet, Fasting, & Exercise 7:22

Kwashiorkor vs obesity 28:50

            80th birthday 8:15

Plant amino acids are adequate 34:01

Origin of Nutrients 10:02

USDA food misinformation 36:07

3 simple rules of nutrition 13:00

Computerized nutrient analysis 39:50

FDA, IRS, USDA food misbehavior 18:00

Food addictions 44:58

Macronutrient ratios are irrelevant 20:35

Do vegetarians quit? 48:05

Vegetable oil hazards 21:13

Conclusions 50:40

Fatty acid metabolism 24:00

Vitamin B12 is unique 51:40

"Health Care Reform: Emptying a Flooded Basement without Turning Off the Tap" July 2010



The metaphor 3:10

USDA subsidies 26:40

Therapeutic axioms 11:30

Fatty acids 39:50

Environment 18:01

"Vitamin D" 42:50

Ancient vs current sunlight 18:50

Conclusions 55:40

High fructose corn syrup 20:40


"Nutrients: They?re What?s for Dinner"

Unedited. October 2009 - San Francisco


"In Search of the Optimal Diet"

July 2009


Fiber as marker for healthy food 6:31

Fatty acid blues 32:06

Cellulose vs starch 7:04

Grains are not optimal food 36:38

Vegan diet causes weight loss 8:00

Most contagions came from animals 37:19

Health from diet and exercise 9:24

The vegetable oil disaster 40:25

My exercise modes 10:50

Don't fry food 41:44

Origin of nutrients 11:50

Omega-6 and inflammation 42:40

Quadruple whammy food 13:00

What's your fatty acid status? 47:46

Plants make essential nutrients 13:31

Flax, chia, and perilla are best omega-3 sources 49:27

Simple vegan recipe analyses 14:30

Toxic flax? 51:42

The mathematics of a blender 17:25


Fine Tuning Your Vegan Diet 

May 2009 - San Francisco


Interview by Supreme Master TV 1:00

Exotic recipes 27:20

Basic rules for health: diet and exercise 7:00

B12 analogues 29:40

Trampoline & skydiving 8:29

Blender mathematics 32:00

Why a vegan diet works 10:35

Amusing games with parsley 34:00

George Bernard Shaw and vitamin B12 15:50

How should I eat? 35:25

"Vitamin D" & why it isn?t one 59:00

Remote primate ancestors 37:00

Rickets 17:30

Darwinian selection pressures 38:28

D toxicity 18:20

Man the hunter or the hunted? 40:26

Early B12 deficiency 19:30

Fatty Acids 40:50

B12 transport system 21:16

Why are omega-3s a problem? 47:00

Michael Holick M.D. on "D" 23:50

Problems with grains 47:35

Mushrooms for "D" 24:40

Stop inflammatory cascade via vegan 55:50

Vegan digestive problems 29:00


Optimizing Your Vegan Diet for Better Health  July 2008





Shavian wit 4:40

Lacteals absorb fat 31:10

Why vegan diets work 9:28

Joel Fuhrman 32:05

Pathogens in plants? 11:59

Caldwell Esselstyn 32:30

Pathogens won?t grow in plants 12:56

High carb low fat scares people off? 33:15

Domestic animals and epidemics 14:30

Indigestible cellulose 34:40

Origins of the high carb low fat mantra15:00

Nuts got a bad rap 36:25

Weston Price 17:00

"If Man Made it Don?t Eat It" 37:40

Zone, Blood Type, Atkins 18:00

Food industry shenanigans 39:45

Ohzawa & macrobiotics 19:40

The USDA calls the shots-badly 40:30

Ancel Keyes 32:41

Medical costs of animal food 40:40

Nathan Pritikin 24:22

Supplements? 42:35

John McDougall 25:14

Methionine and calcium loss 43:07

Most fats are in animal food 25:42

Histidine and allergic reactions 43:50

Dean Ornish 26:35

What?s left for a vegan? 45:00

T.C. Campbell 27:56

Iron deficiency in vegetarians? 48:20

Doug Graham 28:36

Osteoporosis = negative calcium balance 49:36

Nature loves fat 29:45

Caffeine 51:48

 The Raw Food Diet July 2007



Exercise, vegan diet, 2 skydives 2:53

US nut & seed consumption is low 28:30

Bible, Satan as a slaughtered cow? 7:30

Demonizing all dietary fat 31:48

Evolution and diet 9:00

Gourmet food Blossoming Lotus 33:30

6 claims about raw vegan food 9:53

Gourmet raw at Licious Dishes 34:30

Edward Howell and enzymes? 11:05

Is blanched food still raw? 37:40

Fiber, the food cop 13:30

Why use a blender? 39:03

Good and bad things about fiber 15:15

Raw reduces salt intake 41:00

Raw foods have higher nutrient values16:22

What's wrong with salt? 42:15

Lose weight on raw vegan foods 17:45

Raw vegan contains more water 47:45

Foods missing on raw vegan diet 19:00

Raw = more antioxidants 49:45

No beans 21:15

Oxidative stress affects DNA 51:40

Bean jokes 22:00

Raw beats oxidative stress 53:10

Fat, sugar, and salt 23:30

Ethics of food 53:25

What?s left? 24:30

Is vegan food child abuse? 55:00

The high carb low fat mantra 25:37


Ask Dr. Bill  March 2006



Mona Lisa after hours at the Louvre 2:52

Famines and prisons 26:44

500th skydive 3:50

USDA food advice 28:00

How do you get enough protein? 7:25

Vegan weight loss 31:45

Vitamin C 9:30

Low fat, high carb origins? 35:20

Why is chlorophyll green? 10:10

FAO data limitations 37:30

Five-a-Day and the spectrum.11:00

Virtues of natural plant fats 40:24

Phytonutrients in animal foods? 11:30

How much flaxseed oil? 46:10

Origin of term "vitamin" 14:40

Problems with flax? 44:25

Vitamin A as problem for vegans? 17:09

Ethics? Ecology? I'm a vegan for my health 46:15

Evolution 19:55

Animal food, a natural bargain? 47:45

Energetics of diet 21:52

Vegan weight lifters? 48:28

Man the hunter or the hunted? 22:10

What happens to the cows if we're vegan? 52:40

Are nuts OK for vegans? 24:05

What is the real vitamin A? 53:25

Why so many diet books? 26:00

Take multivitamins? 55:00

Eating for a Small Planet, Thousands of Kilometres to Die (Germany), Meet Your Meat (PETA, Jimmy Galtin) February 2005


Energy losses in the food chain 1:50

Fruit smoothie 22:00

Origin of all nutrients 7:20

Food preparation with VitaMix 23:30

Land use efficiency 7:26

Pesticides higher in animal food 29:00

Environmental cost of animal foods 14:00

Hawaii DOA meeting re: pig transport 31:25

What?s in it for me? 16:30

Slaughterhouse song 53:40

Healthy recipes 19:00


Beyond Home Economics 101: Putting Science into Nutrition December 2004




Skydive tricks, glider jump 2:34

New style vegetarianism? 25:42

My family were animal lovers 5:10

Old style veggie writers 29:41

My self-education in nutrition 10:00

The Macrobiotic disaster 29:47

Nutrient/weight vs nutrient/Calorie analysis 12:30

Ag revolution put us on grains 33:45

Fundamental rules of healthy eating 17:38

Glycemic index: a good idea; data? 37:44

Inappropriate food measurements 20:00

Authors of the high carb low fat idea 39:14

Could you eat a bunch of parsley? 23:20

USDA calls the shots school lunch 48:38

Old style vegetarianism 25:24

Fried foods in the school lunch 53:27

 The Raw Vegan Diet: Pros and Cons October 2003




Original raw food advice 8:20

Nutrient value of honey vs fruit 29:40

Body mass index (BMI) 10:00

Weight loss 31:00

Things shared by plants and animals 12:20

My websites 33:54

Raw food arguments 13:12

Agricultural revolution, overpopulation 44:00

Raw foods are more nutritious 14:30

Grain can be stored 46:10

"Structured water" Bogus 17:50

Origin of Yin/Yang 47:17

Food processing methods 20:00

Sodium RDAs are irrational 58:30

Evidence for the live enzyme theory? 21:26

Risks of excess salt intake 51:30

Honey is neither raw nor vegan 28:30


 The Scientific Basis of Vegetarianism

November 2001




Introduction 4:05

Part Six: The High Cost of Meat 38:20

Part One: Diet and Evolution 4:09

References 50:50

Part Two: The Fat Follies18:05

Readings by Dick Allgire and Ruth Heidrich

Part Three: The Protein Perplex 23:20

Music: Rachmaninoff, Mozart, Joplin,

Part Four: Hype Parades as Science 27:40

Copland, Ravel, Prokokiev, Wagner

Part Five: Who Pays the Piper? 34:00


 All You Ever Wanted to Know about Food but Were Afraid to Ask


(more about ethics than food) October 1998

Getting Started 4:00

Oil not an essential food 41:07


Chop suey vegan 46:23

Vitamin B12 10:51

Diet change must be comfortable 47:00

Ethics 22:00

Cobalamin is B12 47:15

Aerobatics, hang glider, and about war 23:04

Pink Palace Special recipe 49:15

Genesis diet quote 24:20

Sassy Salsa Sandwich 50:32

The banishment from Eden 25:00

Support organics vs chemical industry 51:01

The devil?s clues 25:50

Ground flax vs flaxseed oil 51:49

Comparative neuroanatomy 30:29

Food combining? 53:15

Mock turkey recipe 33:22

Fish oil? 54:15

Aging and dehydration 39:30



Vegan Cooking at the VLC (#6)

William Harris, M.D., Eva Martin, Ruth Heidrich, Ph.D. April 1997



Main topic: fat 1:00

Eva Martin steamed garlic potatoes 30:45

Indigestible food problems 30:00

Ruth Heidrich on osteoarthritis 51:14


Fast Food at the VLC (#8) Protein

Georgie Yap, R.N., Bill Harris, Ruth Heidrich  May 1997



Vegetarian Lifestyle Clinic intro 1:16

Pink Palace sandwich 26:59

Carotenemia vs jaundice 3:40

RDAs 29:17

V-4 juice 6:25

Protein in 10 foods categories 31:50

Georgie's Sassy Salsa sandwiches 12:05

Pres. Ruth Heidrich discusses VSH 51:00

BLTT sandwich 21:00


Nutritional Bloopers: Ours vs. Theirs

Parts I and II combined. October 1996




Health kooks vs establishment bloopers 1:45

Fat in animal cell membranes 28:40

Funny semantic bloopers 3:50

Health costs vs life expectancy 31:50

Genesis quote 5:19

Medical conditions from animal food 32:02

Bogus vitamins 8:17

Human and bovine milk similarity 34:06

The vegan Achilles heel vitamin B12 9:13

Animal foods are high in sulfur aminos 36:46

Our evolutionary ancestors 11:40

Gout and animal food 38:14

Agricultural Revolution 12:00

US medical costs due to animal food 39:33

Disastrous establishment advice 16:30

Cholesterol is cholesterol 41:45

"Balanced amino acids" 24:54

1987 USDA subsidies 43:30

Weight loss on a vegan diet 25:24

Spinach and taro leaf 46:00

Beefing up the team may cost the students 5:30

Soil mineral depletion? 49:50

Animal Calories ~ fat Calories 26:00

Pesticides 50:15

Diet books 27:00

Carrot juice vs whole carrot 53:10

Lifestyle change may be hard 27:40

Raw vegans 53:50