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Subject: Your health -- and a free bonus!

Read on to find out how you can view a FREE ONE-HOUR VIDEO presentation of Walter Jacobson MD, showing you how to stop the sabotage of other people -- and of yourself -- in order to get what you want.

14 years ago, my wife Sabrina received a death sentence. She was diagnosed with a deadly autoimmune disease called Relapsing Polychondritis (RP). With RP, your immune system attacks and destroys your body’s cartilage.

RP kills 45% of people diagnosed with it -- within 10 years. But the drugs prescribed to treat RP symptoms sometimes kill you first.

Diet Cures

Sabrina was lucky. After a year of suffering, she discovered valuable information that saved her life. She learned a simple, cheap, powerful, side-effect-free way to cure herself of this incurable disease.

Sabrina changed her diet.

Three weeks later, her disease went into remission. That was 15 years ago. Today Sabrina is active, thin, energetic – and still disease free – working full time and raising three healthy children.

Sharing life-saving truth with you

As Sabrina and I learned more about health, we met a number of preeminent medical doctors who were all using a lowfat plant-based diet to cure people -- of many different diseases. We decided to bring them together into a health super forum.

My wife dodged a fatal disease bullet because she was blessed to get good information. We brought these top experts together and videotaped their powerful presentations so that others could get the knowledge to protect or completely restore their own health too.

The result of this years-long undertaking is this website, and the information and videos we produce.

The experts we've met have knowledge you need to avoid health problems, to roar with energy into each busy new day, to live with a zest and vitality you probably haven’t felt in years.

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