September 30, 2001

WorldFest was hot -- in more ways than one;
September 30 turned out to be one of the hottest days of 2001!

It was a busy day for VegSource, but not so busy that we couldn't snap a few shots here and there.
(And, of course, the official VegSource photographer, Greg,
was nowhere to be found -- except playing his newfound social butterfly role...)

The Nelson clan, in the VIP tent.

Rescue dog who worked at the World Trade Center is honored at WorldFest.

Howard Lyman in his hemp shirt -- better to wear it than smoke it...

Imar Hutchins, author of "The Vegetarian Soul Food Cookbook" flew in from New York!

Poppy, Tomcat and Athena (aka Susan, Tom and Linda)

Imar works the crowd...

Marci Frumkin from Whole Foods is Wholly Cute!

Lindsay and Jay Walker from Baton Rouge LA display work in progress -- as they began collecting signatures from the day's speakers and celebs. What a great idea!

Unfortunately, we ran out of camera batteries and didn't get a shot of the shirt once it was covered with celeb signatures.

Sangeeta, Poison's Rikki Rockett, and MC Jane Velez-Mitchell

Cookie lady Vicki Slotnick and friend. Buy her Organica Cookies! They're the best vegan cookies on the market now!

Vegan NBA star John Salley makes a slam dunk.

The camera likes the VegSource shirt!

Little cutie!

Bob from LA Screenprints -- great work, great prices!

The lovely Alka Chandra.

Jeff and his painted ladies.

VeggieChef Marie Oser and Jim "gimme food" Glackin

Willie, reminding us what WorldFest is about! (Soy Delicious ice cream sandwiches!)

Tony Shale taking a break from posting veg stories on the Internet.


Sangeeta Kumar and Jeffrey Tufenkian, WorldFest Founders

Casey Kasem goes over script for awarding local police and firefighters a certificate of appreciation for the work they do in protecting us all.

Fire, police, Casey, Jane Velez-Mitchell and Jeff & Sabrina

Casey honors the police and firefighters

Officer poses for the press...

Things got rockin' on the stage!

Is Mark Epstein wearing VegSource underwear too?

Birdman of Alcatraz...?

Whole Foods Market...our favorite store!

Thumbs up from Glenn Rosner

VegSource camerawoman Maria Brenner
(Watch for the VegSource video -- available soon!)

Photo courtesy of Lori Seidenberg of PoisonWeb
Rikki Rockett tells a tear-jerker story about the WTC, and a woman who saved a dog's life...and then the dog saved her life. Read it on Rikki's site.

VegSource lovebirds, Linda & Tom.

Kick back, relax...and get roasted by the heat!

Howard Lyman, our king.

Food alley -- you can't walk 10 feet without gaining 10 pounds!

Dr. Jules exploring...

The Nelson kids holding something disgusting in their hands, and we don't mean Bruce Friedrich of PETA!

Beauty expert Peter Lamas and Sabrina.

Imar Hutchins (doing an Anthony Perkins impersonation) in the VegSource Tent demonstrates making a blueberry (raw) unpie. Yum!

MC Jane, Sangeeta and Jeffrey T.

Don't see your photo here?!
We didn't take enough! And the VegSource booth was far in the back,
making it impossible for us to hear when someone was speaking
on the main stage...the result being we didn't get up to photograph
many of the folks there we'd wanted. :(

Next year, however, this won't be a problem!
Stay tuned!

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