The First Annual VegSource eVent - Was a Blast!

We want to extend our gratitude to the Warner Center Marriott Hotel in Woodland Hills, California, for opening their hearts and their hotel to the VegSource group! The Warner Marriott is probably the nicest place you could wish for to have a conference!

Friday night, Sept 28, started with a candlelit dinner of sweet & sour veggie "pork" and
other scrumptous chinese food for over 150 people . . . in the 85 degree evening poolside comfort.

Then we moved inside for the evening's entertainment.

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Rob Hatherill Ph.D., a research toxicologist from UC Santa Barbara,
was the featured speaker after the Friday night, 9/28/01, dinner.

Dr. Hatherill discussed a variety of studies showing how various fruits and vegetables contain chemo-preventative properties -- that is, they contain substances known to prevent or arrest the development of cancer.

The next day, Saturday, Sept 29, some 220 people packed the Hidden Hills Room of the Warner Center Marriott to capacity to hear the day's speakers, introduced by Jeff (above) or Sabrina.

Professor T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D., nutritional biochemist from Cornell University,
opened the day with a fascinating presentation.

Dr. Campbell discussed his varied lifelong research -- all of which kept pointing to one irrefutable conclusion: animal protein, and especially protein found in cows' milk, promotes the growth of certain all-too-common cancers.

From the back of the room, Dr. McDougall watched Dr. Campbell's presentation with interest...

Next came the passionate, uproariously funny and
often poignant talk from the Mad Cowboy himself, Howard Lyman LL.D.

Says Howard, "Get down and boogie with me!"


Next came lunch which -- just like dinner the night before -- wouldn't have been possible without the selfless dedication of VegSource GOP volunteers John(HI) [left] and the infamous Jim Glackin.

Tables for 8 . . . !

Mark and Madeline Kopman

Barbara and Robert Westhoff from Las Vegas, NV.

Daniel Maloney, MD, and wife and daughter, from Texas.

Ginny Mead of Ginny's Vegan Foods and Jim Hoverman (aka "Mr. Ginny") from Lancaster NH

EarthSave board members Dr. Jules Oaklander (Miami) & Mark Epstein (Chicago, and who is also board chair of the National Health Association)

Julia Harrington, Lancaster, CA, and Richard Rose, Canoga Park, CA

Jim, Mary-Armour and Jamie Nelson of San Rafael, California

Ginger Langston, Christine Husk & Judy Jones of the SF Bay Area

Rob Hatherill Ph.D., Santa Barbara, surrounded by the Wild Wacky Wonderful Women from Wyoming

John Borowski from Oregon and Diana (daughter of the Travel Lady) from Redondo Beach, CA

Keith, Tom and Karen Campbell (Colin's family) from Ithaca, New York

Willy Laurie and Hilda Ward from Vancouver, Canada, munch at the bar with other VegSourcers

Rachel Weinberg & Sandy Mooney from Riverside, CA

The Hagglunds from Huntington Woods, MI

Ben Schneider from Cranston, RI, and Barbra LaPointe from Clearwater, FL

Joe Woolls and mom, Geri

Milt Wolpen and friend of Venice Beach, CA

?? and Valerie Klayman and Bill from Nevada

Anneliese Strow of Glendale CA and Rochelle Olifson of Los Angeles, CA

Charles (that's all the nametag says!)

Lee, Kez and Tao Hinton, from London, England

Poppy and Sprout -- aka Susan Nicoletti and Tiffany Trader of San Diego, CA

Erica Barney and Zeke from San Francisco, CA

Lou Roberts from San Francisco

The Wycoffs from Lake Forest, IL

Pat Ritz and Joan W. of Gulfport, FL

April of Boston MA and Jim Montgomery of Redondo Beach, CA

Jeff Nelson of Los Angeles and Neal Pinckney Ph.D. of Honolulu

The Canadian Cabal: Wendy, Hilda, Keith and RCMP Willy Laurie

Caryn Hartglass and Phil from Queens NY


Back out onto the patio...

...for salad, pasta, soup, and vegan club and reuben sandwiches -- and brownies!

Tom Meinen & Linda, from Denver

Riva Gebel from Los Angeles

Patrice Barber R.D. and husband John from USC.

Glenn Rosner from Cupertino, CA

Doriane Adler, Sherman Oaks, CA, Jerrilyn Halbert, Lomita, CA, Kitty Freeman, Granada Hills, CA

Rosalyn Kalmar and friend Suzanne from Los Angeles CA

Keith Walker and the lovely Wendy from Calgary, Canada

Mystery Woman, Glen Merzer, Santa Monica, CA, and Natalia (aka Miss Peru) of Miami, FL (Jimmy's crib)

Diana from Northridge CA sitting with Ann Wallace from Honolulu HI (John(HI)'s wife)

Samual Park and friends from Seoul, Korea

After lunch, guests still lingered and chatted.

Bryan Kwee from Anaheim and Jen Heine from Loma Linda University

Tom Gegax and Mary Wescott from Minneapolis, MN

Jim, Brandon, and Anissa Leupold from Palm Desert, CA

Corrine Titus, Tony Shale and Ralph Meyer (all from the LA area)

Steven Beidner from Beverly Hills

Helen Davis of Los Angeles

Sabrina Nelson of Los Angeles and Caryn Hartglass of Queens, NY

Sergey Preobrazhensky and Jim Catano of Salt Lake, UT

Neal Pinckney, Ph.D., of Honolulu HI and Reuben and Zel Allen of Granda Hills, CA

Kelly Branch from Honolulu, HI, Sian Brown from Raleigh NC, and Wendy McCrady from Glendale, AZ

Christine Carr "The Natural Chef" from Northridge, CA and ?? (no nametag!)

John Allen Mollenhaurer from Maplewood, NJ

Penny Fox from Joshua Tree, CA and Carla Bithel from Los Angeles

No nametags!

Marla Allen Watts of Los Angeles, CA

Kali Ray from Malibu, CA, flanked by students

Attended this lunch, but didn't see your photo above?
Sorry! Didn't have time to get everyone!
Please come back next year and demand your picture be taken!

Coming back from lunch -- stuffed -- readying for the afternoon schedule...

John McDougall MD told the truth about high protein diets and weight loss.

Dr. McDougall poses with McDougaller Evelyn Johnson of Kansas (who flew on an airplane for the first time in her life to attend the conference)

Mary McDougall and Sabrina (wo)man the door.

Photo: Keith Walker, Calgary Canada

After Dr. McDougall, John Robbins gave an uplifting, inspiring talk about the inner-connectedness of our diet choices and all life, which brought the audience to their feet.

John and wife, Deo, with special friend, Kali Ray
(thanks to Jessi from Kali Ray TriYoga for these pictures!)

Those who didn't attend, really really missed out!

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