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Mamamia of the Sheen Family Northwest... creative kitchen dweller and exercise fanatic. I enjoy entertaining and trying out my new food ideas on my friends and family. I love going to the farmer's market and other local venues for my ingredients, and there are a lot of places to do that around here! Visit my blog: for more interesting ideas and recipes!

Blog Entries by Ellen Sheen

Parsley Pesto Bruschetta with Balsamic Reduction

| September 21, 10 at 09:19 PM | Food

Read More: appetizers, balsamic vinegar, bruschetta, parsley, pesto, vegan

This is a lovely and simple addition to any meal. I paired it with a tasty and hearty roasted parsnip and sweet potato soup the other night. It would also be fabulous on its own... you can make it...

Project Food Blog - La Pure Mama's Challenge!

| September 21, 10 at 09:07 PM | Food

Hello friends! In my fantastic blogging efforts, I have entered a contest... Foodbuzz is hosting Project Food Blog, a challenge to find the 'next food blog star'. Essentially it is the next food network star for bloggers!  This first challenge will cut the...

Roasted Parsnip and Sweet Potato Soup

| September 20, 10 at 09:41 PM | Food

Read More: parsnips, simple meals, simple recipes, soup, sweet potato, vegan

So simple and so good... perfect for a lovely fall day. I hope you try it and love it as much as we do! For the recipe, check out:

Blackberry Apple Torte

| September 15, 10 at 06:44 AM | Food

Read More: blackberries, dessert, torte, vegan

This was so good with fresh blackberries, apples and a little kick from the ginger. Super easy to make and looks beautiful!

Homemade Vegan Gnocci & Fresh Tomato Sauce

| September 7, 10 at 07:18 AM | Food

Read More: gnocci, homemade pasta, pasta, tomato sauce, tomatoes, vegan

Yesterday was the perfect day to make pasta... homemade vegan gnocci paired with a simple tomato sauce made from tomatoes in our backyard! Enjoy!...

Zucchini Corn Vegetable Fritters

| August 31, 10 at 07:17 AM | Food

Read More: corn, easy meal, fritters, simple meals, vegan, zucchini

Oh so delicious!  ...

Quinoa Curry Salad with Tofu... in a box!

| August 21, 10 at 09:00 AM | Food

Read More: curry, picnic, salad, tofu, vegan

We were invited to attend a little 'festival' put on by Music Together, a local class you can take with your small child in which you sing songs, bang on drums and dance... quite fun. Anyway, the festival had...

Curried Fig and Sweet Potato Salad

| August 4, 10 at 07:40 AM | Food

Read More: curry, fig, salad, sweet potato

I came up with this little salad we served with some vegan 'dogs'. Tofutti is where my heartstrings lie. kielbasa, sun dried tomato, brat... delish. In fact, my dear friend Abby was at a recent beer tasting event and she...

Spicy Lentil Sliders

| July 19, 10 at 07:05 AM | Food

Read More: burgers, Lentil, vegan, vegan burgers

These were really fun to eat (and really fun to photograph), put together and flavorful as all get out. Honey actually said 'woah, if you had done these burgers for the throwdown you would have won the burger round!' Yes,...

Getting pregnant... naturally

| July 7, 10 at 11:53 AM | Health

Read More: babies, fertility, health, pregnancy

During one of my recent 'trolls' of the internet, I discovered a website called Naturally Knocked Up. Now, if you know me or have been reading my blog for a while, you know that Honey and I have been trying...

Vegan vs. Carnivore BBQ Throwdown!

| June 29, 10 at 08:48 AM | Food

Read More: appetizers, BBQ, burgers, contest, Throwdown, vegan, vegetables

This weekend my husband (the carnivore) and I hosted a BBQ throwdown. Our two teams (mine vegan, his carnivore) had to create four courses: Starter, main, dessert and bonus beverage round for five judges (and all our othe friends) to taste...

Quinoa Greens Salad

| June 9, 10 at 07:39 AM | Food

Read More: almonds, quinoa, salad, sesame oil, vegan, vegetables

I realized recently that I have been doing a whole heck of a lot of salads lately. Yes, it is summer and I want to fulfill my 'salads of summer' responsibility... who cares that the weather right now in...

Sweet Potato Tempeh Pasta w/ 'Beurre' Blanc Sauce & Fresh Cilantro

| May 25, 10 at 07:05 AM | Food

Read More: pasta, simple meals, simple recipes, tempeh, vegan, vegetarian

Last night was grab bag night; or at least it was supposed to be and it was... sort of. My grab bag items were sweet potatoes, cilantro, tempeh and arugula. I didn't touch the arugula. I did make a...

Black Bean Spinach Enchiladas w/ Roasted Tomatillo Sauce

| May 14, 10 at 09:26 AM | Food

Read More: mexican, tomatillos, vegan, vegan meals, vegetarian

I meant to post this for Cinco De Mayo... apologies for my late posting. The good news is in between then and now I have made some killer to share with you! Need: For the sauce:1 1/2 lb tomatillos,...

Spicy Vegan Chili

| April 30, 10 at 06:51 AM | Food

Read More: chili, vegan, vegan meals, vegan soup, vegetables

This chili was spicy and delicious! Note: if you do not like a lot of spice, don't put in a whole can of chilis in adobo sauce!Need:Oil for cookingOne onion, diced2 bell peppers, diced (I used one red and one green)4-6...

Vegan Stroganoff

| April 26, 10 at 07:35 AM | Food

Read More: portobello mushrooms, simple meals, spinach, tofutti sour cream, vegan, vegan meals

My carnivore husband (who never gets meat in our house!) asked me to try an alternative to one of his favorite meals: stroganoff. This alternative turned out to be pretty darn tasty, simple and passed the 'honey, did you write this one down?'...

Mushroom Quesadillas... tasty and filling!

| April 21, 10 at 02:56 PM | Food

Read More: mexican, mushrooms, quick healthy meals, simple meals, vegetarian, vegetarian meals

We love mexican food; it's a staple in our household. To make the quesadilla a little more filling and healthy, I added mushrooms, which are so so good for you. This tasty twist is simple and loved by kids...

Sun Dried Tomato and Roasted Asparagus Pasta

| April 18, 10 at 06:25 AM | Food

Read More: asparagus, basil, pasta, sun dried tomato, vegan, vegan meals

This pasta is super easy and really tasty. It's one of our favorite quick meals because we frequently have all the ingredients and it doesn't take very long to make. It's also a huge favorite with my non veg...

Vegan Mufaletta

| April 14, 10 at 05:53 AM | Food

Read More: mufaletta, portabello mushroom, sandwich, vegan, vegan meals, vegetables

This sandwich is a steadfast favorite in our house. It's perfect for a summer picnic or if you're eating in. Bright and colorful, everyone loves the flavor! Need: 1 loaf of artisan bread 2 or 3 portabello mushrooms Olive...