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Mamamia of the Sheen Family Northwest... creative kitchen dweller and exercise fanatic. I enjoy entertaining and trying out my new food ideas on my friends and family. I love going to the farmer's market and other local venues for my ingredients, and there are a lot of places to do that around here! Visit my blog: for more interesting ideas and recipes!

Blog Entries by Ellen Sheen

Veggie Fritters

Ellen Sheen | May 16, 11 at 06:43 AM | Food

Read More: corn, fritters, vegan, zucchini

In preparation of summer... which is surely bound to get here sooner or later (right??), I made these gorgeous veggie fritters. Tasty, fun to eat and a great way to clean out your refrigerator! For full recipe and more photos...

Blueberry Coconut Almond Muffins

Ellen Sheen | May 12, 11 at 06:10 AM | Food

Read More: blueberries, coconut macaroons, vegan children, vegan muffins

A delicious twist on my original blueberry muffins. Light and fluffy. Lots of fun texture and packed with flavor. They're simple and make a great breakfast, snack or dessert. For full recipe and more photos and information, go here on...

Vegan Veggie Pot Pie

Ellen Sheen | May 9, 11 at 07:42 AM | Food

Read More: sweet potato, Vegan, vegan cheese

I didn't want to cook on mother's day because I didn't want to inevitably clean up. So I pulled these little veggie pot pies out of the freezer and low and behold, they were as good as when I first made...

Vegan Super Crunch Burritos

Ellen Sheen | May 5, 11 at 07:46 AM | Food

Read More: torta, vegan cheese, vegan foods

A really simple, flavor packed burrito for Cinco De Mayo lunch or dinner! For full recipe and more photos and information, go here on the La Pure Mama blog. Enjoy and happy Cinco :)...

Vegan Tortilla Soup

Ellen Sheen | May 4, 11 at 07:25 AM | Food

Read More: mexican, soup, tofutti, vegan, zucchini

A perfect meal for Cinco De Mayo and the nasty Northwest weather. Spicy and filling. Just plain delicious! For full recipe and more photos and information, go here on the La Pure Mama blog. Enjoy!...

Spinach Mushroom Tamales

Ellen Sheen | May 3, 11 at 07:37 AM | Food

Read More: mexican, mushroom, spinach, tamales, vegan, vegan cheese

Cinco De Mayo is almost here! That means it's time to prep that perfect meal. And by perfect I mean perfectly right to go along with a Corona. Oh yeah! These tamales were very simple to make and super delicious....

Chop Chop Salad

Ellen Sheen | May 2, 11 at 07:24 AM | Food

Read More: healthy food, napa cabbage, salad dressing, Vegan

After a weekend traipsing through Oregon's wine country, this wine soaked gal needed a big, crunchy salad. Here's what I came up with. And it was delicious. A perfect end to a lovely weekend! For full recipe and more photos...

Mushroom Pate Cups

Ellen Sheen | April 28, 11 at 07:56 AM | Food

Read More: appetizers, mushrooms, quiche, vegan pastries

These little savory bites are a perfect addition to high tea or the start of a meal. They are guaranteed to go fast because they are easy to eat and taste delicious! Personally, I will be enjoying them tomorrow morning as...

Grilled Vegetable and Israeli Cous Cous Salad

Ellen Sheen | April 26, 11 at 07:36 AM | Food

Read More: bell peppers, israeli cous cous, salad, salad dressing, vegan, zucchini

The sun was here! Even if it was just a brief moment in time, it was still here and we still celebrated by firing up the grill! This gorgeous and entirely delicious salad was perfect with the tang of the...

Chickpea Curry

Ellen Sheen | April 22, 11 at 06:29 AM | Food

Read More: chickpeas, curry, vegan

I love chickpeas. Use them all the time. This dish is really simple and incredibly flavorful. If your 'vegan kitchen' is well stocked, you could probably make this without even going to the store. Double score! For full recipe and more...

Vegan Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

Ellen Sheen | April 19, 11 at 07:26 AM

Read More: chocolate chip cookies, chocolate cookies, cookies, oatmeal cookies, oats, vegan, vegan dessert

Well, I won't pretend they're completely healthy, but they aren't completely terrible either. One thing is for sure, they are indeed completely delicious! For full recipe and more photos and information, go here on the La Pure Mama blog! Enjoy!...

Vegan Bulghur Cakes

Ellen Sheen | April 18, 11 at 07:00 AM | Food

Read More: bulghur, vegan, vegan burgers

Remember the Bok Choy Bulghur Skillet? This dish was conjured up from the left overs. Double win! For full recipe and more photos and information, go here on the La Pure Mama Blog! Enjoy!...

Bok Choy and Bulghur Skillet

Ellen Sheen | April 12, 11 at 07:41 AM | Food

Read More: bulghur, mushroom broth, mushrooms, vegan, vegetables

This one is very simple, uber delicious and I made an awesome 'second meal' out of the left overs! That one is coming soon, but for now enjoy this one. So perfect for a weeknight meal! For full recipe and...

Vegan Chocolate Cake

Ellen Sheen | April 9, 11 at 07:10 AM | Food

Read More: baking, chocolate, chocolate cake, vegan

Also known as the best cake you will ever put in your mouth; among other loving names for it. This cake is simple, ridiculously good and really pretty to look at. Impress your friends; make them chocolate cake! For full...

Vegan Caesar Salad Dressing

Ellen Sheen | April 6, 11 at 07:27 AM | Food

Read More: caesar dressing, salad, salad dressing, vegan

I was craving caesar salad and our family recipe, the one that has been passed down and around for more years than I can even know was not vegan. What's a gal to do? Make it vegan. And I tell...

'Beef' and Veggie Lasagne

Ellen Sheen | April 1, 11 at 07:44 AM

Read More: bell peppers, kale, lasagne, vegan, vegetables, vegetarian meat

This is about as awesome as it gets when it comes to comfort food. My husband grew up on a 'meat and potatoes' diet so when he sampled this, it was mama's home cooking all over again. Except vegan. And...

Cumin Chickpeas and Collard Greens

Ellen Sheen | March 30, 11 at 02:20 PM | Food

Read More: chickpeas, collard greens, cumin, vegan, vegetables, vegetarian

A simple, yet delicious meal. Perfect after all the reading I did on genetically engineered foods. I am so loving my schooling and can't wait to learn more! For full recipe and more photos and information, go here on the La...

Risotto Cakes and Roasted Vegetables

Ellen Sheen | March 28, 11 at 07:45 AM | Food

Read More: eggplant, risotto, vegan, vegetables, vegetarian

We are back from VegFest! It was so much fun; I didn't want to leave. For now though, I bring you this delicious morsel... more on VegFest and the Vegetarians of Washington to come! This is an amazingly flavorful dish....

Mini Vegan Cinnamon Rolls

Ellen Sheen | March 24, 11 at 07:47 AM | Food

Read More: baking, cinnamon, vegan, vegan brownies, vegan dessert

I heard something about a list where vegan cinnamon rolls made the top 20 of apparently fantastical vegan things to eat. Or something like that. I also might have just made it up. Either way these are chewy, soft, just...

Truffle and Pesto Twists

Ellen Sheen | March 21, 11 at 07:50 AM | Food

Read More: baking, bread, pesto, vegan

A lovely companion to my St. Paddy's day Irish Stew, or any soup or gorgeous salad. These twists are delicious, simple and oh so addicting! For full recipe and more photos and information, go here on the La Pure Mama blog....