Dr. Will Tuttle

Dr. Will Tuttle

Posted July 8, 2012

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Veganpalooza is Coming, Just in Time

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“Except for one piglet, which abruptly quieted down when I took him in my hands and then he looked me right in the eyes, as if saying: ’How could you do this to me?’ That look in his eyes shattered me and kept me awake all night,” Lo said. (From the recent Taipai Times article, “Pig Farmer Turns To Animal Rights.”)

Like the former pig farmer, we are all on a life journey of awakening and resensitizing. To facilitate this, in a few days, on July 11, 2012, Veganpalooza will come whirling into our world. Together with Steve Prussack, I’ve been working on this for quite a few weeks, and indirectly, for years, even decades.


Everything I love and stand for can be summed in Veganpalooza: it is communicating the understanding that is bringing the positive revolution of compassion and health gathering momentum in our culture every day. It is celebrating inclusivity, radiant wellness, freedom, creativity, beauty, kindness, justice, equality, and authentic spirituality, and the ever-present possibility of world peace. It is disseminating the truth that our shocking cruelty toward billions of animals for food is completely unnecessary, and that all of us humans can thrive on sustainable plant-based diets and lifestyles that would not only liberate us from most disease and environmental devastation, but would transform our way of relating to nature, animals, each other, and ourselves. 

Respect and kindness toward others is the essence of the vegan way, and the redeeming inevitability in this leads to self-respect, self-confidence, inner peace, clarity, and healthy kindness for ourselves. The single greatest act of benevolent liberation and healthy self-empowerment is to make an effort to understand the amazing ramifications of our routine violence toward animals for food, and to help and encourage others to do the same. This is the key to awakening from the consensus trance of disconnectedness that is injected into all of us from infancy.

Veganpalooza is over thirty of the most committed, visible, and hard-working vegans on the planet sharing their wisdom and experience derived, collectively, from many centuries of vegan practice. Veganpalooza is a five-day planet-wide event that is available wherever there is a phone or computer connection. A full 24 hours of vegan information and inspiration, it is already going to be translated from English into Russian, and more languages will follow. This movement for us as a species and as a human family is our calling and our destiny. We will have peace, happiness, freedom, purpose, and health when we are deserving of them, and we are deserving of them when we no longer deny, but rather offer them, to those who are at our mercy.

So please join me, and join the other remarkable vegan pioneers who have a platform on Veganpalooza to help humanity launch into the next phase of our collective evolution, and spread the word about Veganpalooza far and wide. Join Drs. John McDougall, Neal Barnard, T. Colin Campbell, Gabriel Cousens, Brian Clement, Thomas Lodi, Jameth Sheridan, Milton Mills, and Jonathan Balcombe, as well as Kathy Freston, Rory Freedman, Victoria Moran, Colleen Patrick-Goodreau, Dawn Moncrief, Rae Sikora, Cherie Soria, Rip Esselstyn, Rich Roll, Nathan Runkle, Harold Brown, Bo Rinaldi, Keith McHenry, Howard Lyman, and many more, as we explore, expound, and expand the vegan message of kindness, health, sustainability, and freedom into our communities and into our world.

Veganpalooza is a free event, available to all. Whether you’re already vegan, or yearning for better health and understanding of the solutions to our planetary problems, Veganpalooza, in its magnificent abundance, will have keys, insights, and inspiration for you on your life journey.

You can find out more and register for Veganpalooza.

Please tell your friends and all your colleagues. We are all in this together!

Click here for information on being a Veganpalooza affiliate.

Thanks so much for your efforts on behalf of others. Together we are changing our world!