Dr. Will Tuttle

Dr. Will Tuttle

Posted September 19, 2013

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The Mechanisms of Denial

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Our Culture’s Two Most Deadly Hoaxes


“Not being able to see our dark side is the most dangerous thing.”

– Dr. Robert Griffin, psychologist


            I recently watched a short video of seven psychologists discussing the mechanisms of denial, and realized that the inner forces that prevent us from actually hearing liberating and empowering information are strikingly similar for the two most insidious hoaxes being foisted on us today. The psychologists were illuminating the hidden dynamics that undermine our natural intelligence, and make us gullible dupes who are easily fooled and manipulated by forces bent on exploiting us. They were doing so in the context of the 9-11 events, which have been scientifically proven to be controlled demolitions, and not done by Muslim terrorists hijacking planes as the government’s official story has falsely told us. Psychologist Frances Shure sums it up:

Why do people resist this information that shows that the official story we’ve been told about 9-11 cannot be true? What I’ve learned is that, as humans, each of us has a worldview, and that worldview is formed in great part by the culture we grow up in. When we hear information that contradicts our worldview, social psychologists call the resulting insecurity cognitive dissonance.


            Cognitive dissonance is inherently uncomfortable and propels us in one of two directions. The healthy response is to make an effort to find out the truth that will resolve the dissonance and heal the wound that has caused the inner conflict. This is inherently liberating and empowering, but we must be able to confront and overcome the fears that prevent us from looking at information that challenges our culturally-imposed narratives about reality. The unhealthy response is to go into denial to protect ourselves from information that contradicts our worldview. Psychologist Dr. Robert Hopper puts it this way, “9-11 challenges some of our most fundamental beliefs about our government and about our country. When beliefs are challenged, fear and anxiety result. In response to that, our psychological defenses kick in, and they protect us from these emotions. Denial, which is the most primitive psychological defense, is the one most likely to kick in.”

            Those of us working for positive social change have typically seen this denial in others and ourselves repeatedly. Another culturally-imposed false story that is a complete hoax that causes tremendous suffering and devastation is that we need to eat meat, dairy products, and eggs to get adequate protein, calcium, and other nutrients to be healthy. Just as the fallacious official story of 9-11 has led to terrible confusion and violence—being the driving force behind the blatantly fascist Patriot Act and subsequent attacks on domestic freedom; a whole series of wars slaughtering literally millions of innocent people; the further consolidation of wealth and power in the hands of the petroleum conglomerates, CIA, and the financial elite; the justification of torture; and the establishment of an “endless war on terror”—in a similar way, the false official story that we must eat animal foods has led to unfathomable environmental and cultural devastation. It also concentrates wealth in the hands of a tiny elite that exploits the disease, war, and misery caused by feeding most of our nutritious grains to enslaved animals while some people starve and others suffer epidemics of diet-induced diseases that enrich the pharmaceutical-medical-financial complex.

            In both cases, the official stories are such obvious hoaxes that once we recognize this ourselves, we have a hard time understanding why others have a difficult time recognizing it as well. We feel a justifiable sense of urgency because believing absurd hoaxes can have devastating consequences. The destruction of human society and of our planetary ecosystems is riding on, and propelled by, a multitude of culturally-injected mass deceptions besides these two, such as the Federal Reserve money system, many so-called accidents, suicides, assassinations, terrorist attacks, plane crashes, storms, chemtrails, rigged elections, water fluoridation, mandatory vaccinations, and mass-drugging programs to name just a few. These two though—animal foods and 9-11—are particularly insidious in their cumulative effects, but it is animal foods that is the granddaddy of ‘em all, so to speak. Being forced from infancy to routinely harm and eat some animals while loving and petting others creates a massive cultural reservoir of cognitive dissonance that creates the basic template of emotional disconnectedness and mental denial and lays the inner foundations that make it easy to con and control us. We yearn to be duped about our most fundamental human activity—eating—and that yearning spills over into everything else, making us gullible to all the official stories, and easily fooled, manipulated, and exploited.

            Psychologists, in seeking to understand the mechanisms involved in the mass denial of 9-11, illuminate the same forces that prevent us from questioning our routine violence toward animals and humans for our daily meals. One of the main factors is the impact of trauma. Psychologist Danielle Duperet puts it simply. With trauma, she says, “We shut down and deny.” As Shue points out, the mass trauma inflicted by 9-11 is well documented. Witnessing nearly 3,000 of our fellow citizens being killed—seeing the impact of the planes, and the collapse of three World Trade Center buildings straight down into their own footprints at free-fall speed amid the utter pulverization of concrete and metal that could only be caused by massive thermitic explosions, and the resultant clouds of toxic dust—we found people sobbing uncontrollably for weeks afterward, and the case loads of psychologists escalating nationwide as well. When we experience trauma, we set up a partition in our consciousness that separates our daily awareness from the painful event. This is well understood as one of the driving forces of disconnectedness, psychic numbing, and denial. Duperet also emphasizes that, “to heal trauma, we must find out the truth, and this is why we need an investigation.”

            Just as there is a massive ongoing cover-up about what really happened on 9-11—and we all know this in our bones—there is also a massive ongoing cover-up about the ramifications of our choices to eat meat, dairy products, and eggs. In both cases an investigation is in order, and in both cases we have been, unfortunately, so infantilized, traumatized, and disconnected from our inner confidence and wisdom that we prefer to trust the parental official stories, even though they are patently and obviously completely absurd. Looking more deeply into these questions is of paramount importance if we yearn authentically to realize the deeper truths about ourselves, and participate in co-creating a culture of wisdom, freedom, harmony, and abundance. 



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Thanks for telling it like it is, Dr Tuttle. We all choose denial as a tool for different parts of our lives...whichever parts we don't want to face at the moment. And yes, society encourages that. Encourages us to run from reality via pills, alcohol, cigs, unhealthy foods, false relationships, etc.

You're right...it starts with each one of finding the strength to be truthful & to seek the truth.


Thanks to the author for intresting post. You are specialist in this field. 192.168.O.1

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