Chef AJ

Chef AJ

Posted February 1, 2011

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The Chef & The Dietitan - LIVE

Read More: Chef Aj, John McDougall, julieanna hever, plant-based recipes, Rip Esselstyn

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You've watched our videos, so come see us LIVE!!!  Chef AJ and Julieanna Hever MSRD will be appearing at The McDougall Advanced Study weekend on February 19th.  We will demonstrating 4 delicious UNPROCESSED whole food plant based recipes free of Sugar, Oil and Salt.  We will be making the world's best soy and gluten free lasagna, a quinoa salad with currants and pistachios, pesto stuffed mushrooms and HOCKEY PUCKS!!!

Also appearing that weekend will be the really hot Rip Esselstyn, "The Mad Cowboy", Howard Lyman, the wonderful plant based doc, Dr. Michael Klaper, our guru and author of "The China Study" Dr. T. Colin Campbell, Dr. Doug Lisle (co-author of one of the greatest books ever written "The Pleasure Trap") and of course, the great Dr. John McDougall himself.

This is one of the greatest line up of speakers ever assembled.  So why not give yourself the gift of health and attend?  Plus, you can meet me and Julieanna and we're both really hot!Wink

You'll also be able to by my new book "UNPROCESSED".

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