Chef AJ

Chef AJ

Posted June 9, 2010

Published in Food

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Enjoy my delicious OIL-FREE RAW/VEGAN salads at Whole Foods now!

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Those of you who know me know that my specialty is teaching people how to eat delicious vegan food and still avoid what I call "THE EVIL TRINITY" (sugar, oil and salt). Those who are vegan not just for ethical or environmental reasons, probably already know how bad ALL OILS are for your health.  In fact, all of the great leaders in the plant based movement who regularly contribute to Vegsource (Dr. McDougall, Dr. Esslestyn, Dr. Campbell, Dr. Popper, Dr. Fuhrman, Julieanna Hever, Jeff Novick, etc.) completely advise against the use of ALL OIL.  For the past 10 years I've been teaching folks how to make delicious food without it, and I recently had the opportunity to train some of the wonderful chefs at the Pasadena Whole Foods on Arroyo how to do the same.

As more and more vegans are learning how bad oil really is for their arteries, they are asking for more oil-free options at Whole Foods.  Many health conscious people also wish to avoid all processed sugars like agave, and salt, so the Pasadena store has listened to their customers and created a Chef AJ designated section of their salad bar featuring 3 salads sans sugar, oil and salt.

Currently the are featuring my "Hail To The Kale" Salad, CarriBEAN Mango Salad and Cool Slaw.  All three salad are raw/vegan and completely free of oil, sugar and salt.  When a sweetener is called for what is being used are WHOLE DATES.  Unlike agave, which in my opinion is a triumph of marketing over science, dates are a WHOLE FOOD found in nature and they contain fiber, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytocehmicals and micronutrients.  Processed and refiined sweeteners contain none of these and, like oil, are calorie rich and nutrient poor.

So next time you're in Pasadena please check out these healthy options.  And be sure to thank store manager Dave and Lyle for doing this.

Love & Kale,

Chef AJ

P.S.  You can also learn to make delicious food without sugar, salt or oil in my weekly culinary classes.  Go to for more information.