Why Starch Is the Best Food for Humans

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Subject: Why Starch Is the Best Food for Humans
Date: September 6th 2018
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Dr. McDougall & The Starch Solution (FULL VIDEO)

We want to draw attention to Dr. McDougall's class talk about The Starch Solution.

Have you watched it recently?

If not, we encourage you to take an hour and learn again why potatoes are your best friend.

This talk was actually given by Dr. McDougall BEFORE he wrote his bestselling Starch Solution book. This is a really fantastic and useful talk.

Watch video now (1 hour, 12 minutes):



Raw Foods - Separating Myths from Reality

Today we hear from registered dietitian Brenda Davis - with the truth about the raw food diet.

Have you ever heard a raw or high-raw "guru" claiming that certain research proves the superiority of the raw diet? Or proves the critical importance of enzymes in "live food?"

Well Brenda Davis heard these and other assertions by raw gurus. She paid attention to the studies these gurus point to in order to back up their positions. Next, Brenda personally contacted all the reserarchers who did the studies being cited - and in every case the researchers were shocked to hear their findings had been twisted and misinterpreted by these raw gurus.

Raw foods have many good qualities, but there's a ton of nonsense out in the raw food world.

In this full one-hour talk, Brenda Davis explodes myths, breaks it down, and shares what is currently known on the subject of raw foods.

Watch video now (1 hour, 5 minutes):



Vitamin D Is Worthless

Sometimes people believe they have to take a bunch of supplements, once they adopt a healthy plant-based diet.

It's just not true.

Today we take a deep dive into the principle studies used to sell people on the idea that they "need" Vitamin D supplements, or that Vitamin D pills will prevent cancer, make you live longer, or help build strong bones.

Science has shown clearly and repeatedly, Vitamin D pills won't do any of that.

Watch video now (22 minutes):





Peas and Love,
Jeff & Sabrina Nelson

PS: If you want a description of what exactly is in the book, go here:




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