Dr. McDougall - Autoimmune Diseases and Diet (VIDEO)

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Subject: Dr. McDougall - Autoimmune Diseases and Diet (VIDEO)
Date: February 25th 2018
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Diet, Multiple Sclerosis and Autoimmune Diseases

Today we're brining you the full talk of John McDougall MD from the 2010 Healthy Lifestyle Expo.

Dr. McDougall discusses the mechanisms for diet and autoimmune diseases such as arthritis, Type 2 diabetes, MS and other diseases.

This is a fascinating talk about how many autoimmune diseases could be eradicated completely by removing trigger foods and replacing with a healthy starch-based diet.

Watch now (1 hour):



1806 - When Veganism Was First Discussed

Today we're brining you the full talk of John Davis, OBE, talking about the earliest appearances of veganism in the UK and USA, starting in 1806.

There seem to have been some fairly prominent people embracing and promoting veganism for the past 200 years.

To learn all about it, watch Sir John's full 26 minute presentation, from the 2012 Healthy Lifestyle Expo.

Watch now:



Avoiding the Pleasure Trap

You've probably heard of the book The Pleasure Trap by Alan Goldhamer DC and Doug Lisle PhD. The "pleasure trap" refers a motivational triad which people are all biologically wired with, to seek pleasure and reward with the minimum amount of effort.

Man's natural instincts - honed for survival over millions of years - lead people today to become overweight and sick in our modern food environment.

So we're bringing you the full 1-hour plus talk of Dr. Goldhamer who explains in detail - how you can escape the pleasure trap. It's a fascinating, entertaining talk.

Watch Dr. Goldhamer explain how to protect your health and insure your longevity.

Watch video (1 hr. 17 mins):



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Jeff & Sabrina Nelson


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