Meet the Nelson's In Your Town!

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Subject: Meet the Nelson's In Your Town!
Date: January 21st 2018
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We're Coming to YOUR Town! (if you tell us)

Hey VegSourcers -

Our daughters, Nina and Randa, will be doing a major tour this Spring to promote their upcoming book, The Clear Skin Diet.

The whole family will be present on that tour - and we'd all love to meet you in person!

Depending on what part of the country we go to, some top vegan experts will be joining us as well. Imagine having a mini VegSource vegan conference - in your city! 

In order to help us plan our itinerary, you can request we come to your city. If there is enough interest in that city, we'll include it and meet people there in person!

If you're a member of a vegan or vegetarian group in your city and would like us to come, get everyone in your group to request your city (using the link below), and that can greatly increase the likelihood that we - and some top vegan experts - will come to you.

You can go here and use the form to Request Your City:

That information goes to the tour company, which will then let you know if your city (or a city near you) is included on the tour.

Or you can watch Nina and Randa's video explaining how this "tour request" system will work, how the tour company is getting "votes" for various cities, and then will be setting the itineary up from there. Nina and Randa's video explaining the tour is here (video is 2 mins.):

Or you can skip the video and just request your city directly using the form - and hopefully the whole of Team VegSource (us) and a couple of vegan experts will travel to your city where we can meet!

City request form:

Peas and Love,
Jeff & Sabrina Nelson


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