Dumbing Down the WFPB Diet

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Subject: Dumbing Down the WFPB Diet
Date: April 1st 2020
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Dumbing Down the WFPB Diet

A small but increasing number of plant-based doctors have started recommending higher fat intake and olive oil.

Some are suggesting the optimal fat intake is 30%, so long as it's "healthy" plant-fats.

Today we look at some of the research these doctors cite to back up their recommendations.

This is PART ONE in a TWO PART series on research showing healthy plant-fats consumed above a certain level are shown to promote heart disease - and cancer.

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B12 - Test Results After No Supplementation

This is PART TWO of a video series on my B12 experiment as a long time vegan.

In Part One, I discussed research that suggests some people may increase risk of lung cancer by taking B12 supplements, specifically men who smoke.

I also reviewed other new research suggesting some additional possible increased risks to higher B12 levels.

In this video - Part Two - I discuss the results of some recent blood work I did - after not taking B-12 supplements for 8 months - and talk about my strategy for supplementing going forward.

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Dr Kahn Tried to Erase Me

Dr Joel Kahn lied to esteemed members of the plant-based movement, and the Department of Justice just called BS on him.

Dr Kahn was alleged by the DOJ to have been part of an illegal Medicare kickback scheme.

Kahn recently told a large group of plant based doctors that the DOJ had cleared him of wrongdoing, paid him a settlement for their “error” in naming him, and put him under a "gag order."

In this video I discuss my conversation with the lead US Attorney who handled the case.

Full disclosure: Kahn led a major assault on me via Twitter a while back, an ugly affair including lots of slander and violation of privacy of celebrated vegan doctors, documented this video.

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Fast Food: The Basics with Jeff Novick MS RD - Now Online!

Jeff Novick, MS RD, is making his full video program - Fast Food "Volume 1: The Basics" - available for free for the next month here on YouTube.

Today many people are stocking up on dry and frozen goods like canned foods, rice, beans and veggies - foods the public may not be familiar for how to optimally prepare.

We have a DVD series, called FAST FOOD With Jeff Novick, that teaches people how to cook quick and easy - and healthy - meals, with easy to find ingredients.

Watch Jeff Novick's full presentation on how to use simple ingredients to make healthy, delicious meals fast! Enjoy and stay safe!

Watch full video now (2 hours):



Love & Peas,
Jeff & Sabrina




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