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Subject: Mastering Diabetes Book!
Date: February 18th 2020
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Mastering Diabetes - The Book!

More than 115 million people in the United States are affected by diabetes. That is a whopping 35% of the US population!

That may be a scary, sobering statistic, but fortunately we now know that the food you eat is the most important determinant of your health.

Today friends of mine Robby Barbaro MPH and Cyrus Khambatta PhD have a brand new and incredibly valuable book out. It's called Mastering Diabetes – The Revolutionary Method to Reverse Insulin Resistance in Type 1, Type 1.5, Type 2, Prediabetes, and Gestational Diabetes.

In this book you'll learn:

  • The science of insulin resistance that your doctor never taught you

  • The exact foods that cause high blood glucose, weight gain, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure

  • The long-term side effects of a ketogenic diet 

  • The exact foods to eat to achieve your best A1c, lose weight permanently, gain energy, and drop your chronic disease risk

  • A simple formula to eat as much fruit, potatoes, and whole grains as you want!

I really appreciate what Robby and Cyrus have done with this book. They have backed up their program with some of the best science and scores of amazing stories that show this program works. And while I've read a lot of books, this is one that I'm actually enjoying a lot because it reviews important science that so many of the successful plant-based disease-reversal programs are all based on.

What they teach in their book is the same diet you can follow to lose weight, prevent and reverse heart disease and cancer - they have done a stellar job in proving up their case. Their lowfat program makes it easy to get just about ANY health problem under control, and recover your life.

The book is available everywhere books are sold. I'm putting a link to Robby and Cyrus' website because free worldwide shipping is availble from one of the vendors, Book Depository. You can also get the book on Kindle and as a digital ebook where Robby and Cyrus both read the book themselves, and include even more bonus information.

This book gets my highest recommendation. They demistify the science and have created a program that will benefit anyone looking to regain and protect health.

More info and order your copy at:




When Supplements Harm

Longterm vegans should supplement Vitamin B12 - yes, I agree.

But it turns out taking B12 has possible risks, like some other supplements. Even Dr. McDougall, in this video, ponders possible risk of B12.

Today we look at research showing the potential problems of raising your B12 blood levels too high - which remarkably could include death.

Be careful taking B12. Get enough, but not too much.

In today's video, I discuss why I stopped taking it entirely last year, and won't be resuming again for a period of time.

If you adhere to a vegan diet, I recommend B12 supplementation with Cyanocobalamin. I also recommend having yourself tested for vitamin B12 deficiency every few years. You don't want to become deficient - and apparently you don't want to overdo it, either - as we show in today's video.

The most appropriate test for evaluating B12 status is the blood or urine test for methylmalonic acid (MMA). Elevated MMA is currently the best tool for detecting vitamin B12 deficiency, and is considered to be superior to testing for serum B12 directly. An alternative and less costly screening blood test is Homocysteine.

Watch Now (19 minutes):


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Jeff & Sabrina




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